Issue 4:2 (Autumn 2023)

Welcome to the Autumn 2023 issue of Folyosó, which features its fourth international contest and much more! Students from South Africa, Turkey, Poland, and Hungary (Sárospatak and Szolnok) entered their pieces in this year’s contest (on the themes of “freedom” and “mistakes”); this issue features the winners. In addition, you will find essays, stories, cover art by Emese Kassai, and more.

Folyosó has been in existence for more than three years. For this we thank our contributors, readers, and contest judges!

Letter from the Editor

International Contest 1: Freedom

International Contest 2: Mistakes

Reflections on The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

(Students either applied the quote “human kind / Cannot bear very much reality”—from T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets—to The Glass Menagerie or wrote a letter to one of the characters.)


More on Freedom

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Cover art: Emese Kassai.

The contributors to this issue are students of the Varga Katalin Gimnázium in Szolnok, Hungary; the Árpád Vezér Gimnázium in Sárospatak, Hungary; Pinelands High School in Cape Town, South Africa; the Lycée Sainte Pulchérie in Istanbul, Turkey; and the 3 Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Agnieszki Osieckiej w Sopocie in Sopot, Poland.