Brian West

Hanna Abigél Algay

My name is Brian West, I´m from Los Angeles, and I’m turning 26 this year. Currently I’m attending University.

Last year, in May, I met my girlfriend Juliette at a Starbucks café when I stopped by for a quick study session. She was sitting at the table next to me, and in my study break I caught her glancing at me. I remember wondering how someone could be this beautiful and how such a pretty soul could look at someone like me. After completing my task, I packed up my things and left, and the next day I returned at the same time, hoping that she would be there. My hopes were realized, and after a week of talking, we finally started dating and now have been officially together for almost a year now.

I haven’t written in my journal for a long time. Today is my 32nd birthday, and my dear Juliette is currently six months pregnant with our twin boys, and we are looking forward to being parents. I want to propose to her after she gives birth, and I already planned everything.

Last week we moved, and while moving, I found this little journal in one of the boxes. It’s so good to read back on how I felt and what I experienced in those days. Right now I´m 45 years old and am a proud dad of two very playful boys. We love them so much, my beautiful wife and I.

I’m at the hospital; at the moment I´m 68 years old. I have always been frightened of being as ill as I am now.  I’m writing in this little book to try to calm myself down, but it’s not working. I don´t want my story to end here. I feel like I still have my whole life ahead of me, but I don´t. As I’m writing this, I feel an unbearable pain in my chest and my left arm. That’s the way I will die.

As these thoughts enter my mind I wake up in another hospital bed. I look at my hands, and they don’t have their usual wrinkles or that scar I got from cooking with my wife at that old barbecue. They look young, and so does my mother, who is cheering beside my bed.

They tell me that I, Brian West, am 15 years old and just woke up after two years of being in a coma.