Fanni Farkas

BAMM! The gates of the cave suddenly slammed shut. The treasure hunter turned around nervously. He knew there was no other way out. He grabbed the heavy casket and set it on the floor. The hunter opened the casket. There were so many pieces of gold, diamond and silver jewelry that he could not count them. He was so happy, but then the joy blew away as fast as it came. ‘What am I gonna do with all this when I’m stuck?’ he thought ‘This isn’t worth anything in this old cave! If someone would rescue me, I would give all this treasure to him! I don’t want it anymore! Just free me! I’m begging! Please…’

’Damn it there’s still thirty minutes left!’ she thought while sitting in a boring class. She could not focus at all on what the teacher was saying. She looked out of the window. The weather was beautiful. The Sun was shining brightly in the sky, there were no clouds, and the trees swayed softly in the wind. All of a sudden two birds flew onto the windowsill. Two pretty doves. They looked at the girl who was looking at them from the classroom, and then they flew away. The girl sighed. ‘I wish I could be as free as them! No school, no homework…I could do whatever I wanted!’

Who would have guessed that a prisoner and a student had so much in common?