Letter from Jim to Laura

Nóra Molnár

Dear Laura!

You are probably wondering why I am writing to you. Well, I think that our relationship can’t end just like this. And I owe you a thank-you.

First, I wanted to thank you for the conversation that we had. No one has listened to my problems in a long time. It felt good to tell you my thoughts, while you were really listening to me. Sometimes I feel like no one cares about me, but you did care.

I am very sorry we did not talk that much in school, because I think that we could have been good friends. I could have helped you find friends. But that’s the past and we can’t change it. In the future we can meet sometimes, but only if my wife doesn’t mind it. I know that it might sound weird that I have to ask for permission from my wife to meet a girl, but I don’t want to lose her.

Maybe we will never talk to each other or maybe we will, who knows? But I will always have that little unicorn, which is an ordinary horse by now, and whenever I look at it, I will remember you.

I hope you find a man who loves you so much and makes you believe that youare  worth so much and have a great life, which you deserve.

I am sorry that Tom left you, but I believe in you and in your mother, Amanda, and I think that you two will be fine, because you are strong women.

And last, but not least, a piece of advice; stop underestimating yourself. I know that I already mentioned it to you in our last conversation, but it is important, because you are a smart and beautiful young lady who could do anything if she put herself into it. So, start believing in yourself.

Thank you for everything, Blue Roses! Have good luck for the rest of your life!

Yours faithfully,