I Miss You

Mira Melinda Csépe

I was in kindergarten… I didn’t know anyone, I felt lonely.

Every day I was afraid to let go of my mother’s hand at the kindergarten gate.

One day, when I was playing alone in the yard in the sandpit, I saw a little boy who was also sitting alone on the swing.

I thought a lot about whether to go there or not, but in the end I took courage and walked over to him.

At first he was a little afraid to approach me, but as time went by we became better and better friends…

Weeks and months passed and we spent every day together. We became inseparable.

Then kindergarten ended.. It was time for school.

We went to the same school. We shared everything with each other, we knew everything about each other, even our most feared secrets, we adored each other.

Years passed and we found ourselves coming to high school… both of us were changing both inside and outside, but we were still the most important to each other, and we stood by each other through good and bad times.

We had good days and bad days, we quarreled many times, but we were each other’s soul mates and always reconciled..

Time passed more and more, we got older and older, but time didn’t separate us either.

One day we had a big fight over some stupid thing, but this time was different..

We hurt each other.

We didn’t talk for days, and I felt really bad..

I missed talking to him, his caress and his presence.. I felt closed without him.

The days passed, and once my phone rang. His mom called me, I didn’t know why she was calling, but I answered the phone and she just said that she is very sorry but my best friend died.

I couldn’t speak, I was broken.

I felt that I had lost my other half and the person with whom I feel the happiest.

With him I felt free. But this freedom disappeared, and instead I felt insecurity.

I can’t put into words how it feels that we parted in anger and that I spoke to him for the last time.

I’m trying to find a way out of this confinement and be happy again.

I think about him every day and miss him more and more.

I wish I could give you one last hug.

(This is a fictional story.)