Submissions to the Autumn 2020 issue of Folyosó are now open!

Folyosó welcomes original English-language writing, as well as art (including photography), from students of the Varga Katalin Gimnázium. In 2021 we will open submissions to the world; our first international issue will appear in the spring of 2021. For now (at least through the Autumn 2020 issue), the journal is only in English, except for the contest (see below). Gradually we will include more work in Hungarian.

Open Call (open to Varga students): Send us your best writing, in English, in any form (poem, story, essay, dialogue, etc.)–and send us your art. Please read this entire page and the FAQ page for details. To submit a piece for consideration, please email it as an attachment (Word for writing, high-quality image file for photography and art) to diana.senechal at In the subject line, please include the word “Submission.” The deadline for the Autumn 2020 issue is September 30, 2020. The Open Call is separate from the contest.

Contest (in Hungarian and English, and open to Varga students): How do we determine what is important in life? What makes us change our mind about our priorities? Are priorities just a matter of personal preference, or do they have universal value? Whom do we affect with our decisions about what is and isn’t important? Who influences these decisions, and how? Write about any of these questions (or related questions) in a form of your choice, such as a poem, play, essay, dialogue, letter, or story. It can be serious or silly, analytical or playful, a combination of these, or something else entirely. Mail the submission as a Word attachment to diana.senechal at Please put the word “Contest” in the subject header For this contest only, we will consider pieces in Hungarian as well as in English. The deadline is September 30, 2020.

By submitting your work, you are attesting that is original and unpublished. You may quote briefly from other works, but please credit them properly. If your work is original but closely based on another work, please note this in your cover letter or in the piece itself.

Please note that if your submission is accepted, it will be published under your name (no pseudonyms allowed). This is for three reasons. First, authors and artists in this journal should be willing to put their name to their work; this is a matter of both responsibility and pride. Second, this allows the journal to be taken seriously by others. Third, when you put your name to your work, you allow others to compliment it, comment on it, and ask questions about it.

We look forward to publishing exciting, moving, unusual, and thought-provoking pieces (in different styles, forms, and moods). If your piece is not accepted, please try again with another piece. If accepted, it may still need to go through some revision and editing before it is ready for publication. Any changes will be made in consultation with the author.

We look forward to reading your work!