An Unexpected Return

Sára Forgács

My name is Natalie Collins and I am here to share the most shocking day of my life. I am a 22-year-old girl working in a café as a college student who’s pretending to have a normal, uneventful life, but with this surprising arrival, everything turned out differently.

It started on the 20th of February. I woke up and quickly got dressed because I was already late for class. When I was running out of my apartment a letter stuck to the sole of my shoe, which I only noticed the moment I sat in the taxi. I honestly thought it would be a lucky day after I got a ride as soon as I left the building on such a busy day in New York city. The thought of reading the letter didn’t really excite me, so I put it away.

It was about two in the afternoon when I arrived at work, where I bumped into my friend Cassie, who asked why I was late from school. I only said that I had got home a few minutes before midnight the previous day, although the real reason I was away stayed secret.  After she left, a man pushed me, and I hit my head on the ground. I thought it was an accident, but he just stood over me and said I should read the letter, then disappeared. I ran up to my bag and opened the letter. It said: ˝I’m back to finish what we started!˝

I was horrified; the worst was that I knew who wrote it. I searched for my mother in the evening, but the previous day I had been told I would lose everything if I turned her in, so I was just standing speechless waiting for her to talk instead. I found the courage after ten minutes and told about my day. She wasn’t even surprised, which showed that she obviously knew about him. I was furious about the fact that they were planning to break the law again. I couldn’t believe how she could still be so madly in love with a thief, thus I lied so I could get away and immediately went to the police station and reported them for a robbery.

I was lying on the bed, trying to sleep, when I heard a voice calling me. My pulse was so high and I was so dizzy from the painkiller for my head that I didn’t move. The man from the café stepped into my room. He said I would get what I deserved, then punched me in the face, and the last thing I remembered was sitting in a cell with my mother for robbery.  It was my dad.