Folyosó (“Corridor”) is a new online literary journal by students of the Varga Katalin Gimnázium in Szolnok, Hungary. While primarily in English, it will soon include bilingual (Hungarian-English) features. The first issue (Spring 2020) appeared on May 11, 2020; for two years, there were three issues per year (Spring, Fall, Winter). As of 2022, we have two annual issues (Spring, Fall), as this allows more time for the writing, editing, publication, and enjoyment.

The word “folyosó” means “corridor” in Hungarian; it has the same root as “folyó” (river) and “folyóirat” (journal). It seemed an appropriate name for the journal not only because of its resonances but because so much takes place in the “folyosó” when school is in session: greetings, conversations, rushes, pauses, and even little concerts.

Diana Senechal, teacher of English and civilization at Varga, is the founder and editor in chief. She previously helped her students in New York City create and sustain the philosophy journal Contrariwise (which has six annual print issues so far); in addition, she ran her own literary journal, Sí Señor, for five years. She has also edited several books and an encyclopedia.

Csilla Vágóné, the laboratory technician at Varga and a gifted amateur photographer, has contributed beautiful photos for the journal’s background image, thumbnail, and gallery.

Marianna Jeneiné Fekete, Judit Kassainé Mrena, Anikó Bánhegyesi, Judit Kéri, and Diana Senechal were the judges of the Autumn 2020 contest; Anikó Bánhegyesi, Marianna Jeneiné Fekete, and Diana Senechal, the judges of the Autumn 2021 contest.

Other roles in this journal will be listed here once they come into existence.