Letter to Tom

Gergely Kiss

Dear Tom,

I heard that you left your family behind and started a new life.

It might sound annoying, but I think that was a terrible mistake. Think, Tom, think! How are they going to make any money? You know that your sister “had to drop out, because it gave her indigestion,” and your mother is in her fifties. How are they going to live through this year without someone like you, who were the main breadwinner in the house?

I understand that you and your mom had a troublesome relationship, I know she called you lazy and a dreamer, while you were the one making money, but calling her an “ugly babbling old witch” might have been a little too much, considering how upset she was after that.

But now, let’s talk about you! How are you, what are you working on now? Have you found yourself someone, like a wife?

Well, if you have, I wish you a very great and happy marriage!

Also I’m looking for a door key. I think I gave it to you before you left the city; could you check, maybe? We really need it, Mum can’t get in the house until Dad or I arrive home.

Well, I wish you the best!

Take care, Gary