Folyosó Winter 2020–2021 - Page 4

Act 1, Scene 1

Bertalan Szegi

Theseus and Hermia are arguing.


So will I grow, so live, so die, my lord,
Ere I will my virgin patent up
Unto his lordship, whose unwished yoke
My soul consents not to give sovereignty.


Take time to pause; and, by the next new moon–
The sealing-day betwixt my love and me,
For everlasting bond of fellowship–
Upon that day either prepare to die
For disobedience to your father’s will,
Or else to wed Demetrius, as he would;
Or on Diana’s altar to protest
For aye austerity and single life.

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 1, Scene 1.

                                                        He exits.

                                                  Enter Hermia’s mother.   

Hey my dear. Its been a long time since I saw you. How are your things going? Hey, what’s the problem? I see you are sad.

Oh, you know I’m in love with Lysander, but my father wants me to marry Demetrius. Recently Theseus told me that if I withstand my father I have two choices; the first one is lifelong chastity as a nun worshipping the goddess Artemis; and the second one is death. I just want to love Lysander; you know that I don’t want to marry Demetrius, but I don’t wanna die or go into lifelong chastity. I don’t know… maybe I will run away with Lysander.

Chill, my dear. Sit down and let me tell you a story about your father and me. It will be such a disappointing story, so please sit down and listen carefully. Preferably please don’t inerrupt me, because I don’t want to leave anything out of the story.

Oh Mom, I have become curious!

Our story begins two years before you born. Me and your father were twenty years old when we met at a theatrical performance. It was love at first sight. We talked a lot and had a lot of fun together. A bit later my father told me that I should marry Maximus, the son of a rich gentleman. I told my parents that I wanted to be Egeus’s wife. They were disappointed and asked me why. I told them the truth, I told them that I love Egeus and I don’t want to marry Maximus because he is ugly. I told them that Maximus could be the richest person in the world, I couldn’t love him my whole life. After this conversation they gave me the same choices as Theseus gave you recently: lifelong chastity or death. I told them that I’d rather die than marry Maximus. My mother started to cry, and my father tried to comfort her. He told me to change my way of thinking by the next week. I didn’t want to wait till the next week, so I went to Egeus and we figured out a plan. We were to meet at the border of our town and escape from the city at night and live a worryless life together. Our plan was perfect. No one guessed what we were planning. We successfully reached the border of our town and started to walk towards the forest. We were on the road for three days when our food and water supply ran out, so we started to search after some food. Its took us seven days to find another town where we could settle down, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough money to buy a house so both of us worked hard to earn a lot of money to buy a place where we could live. It took us almost one year to escape and settle down, and when there were no problems in our lives, our parents found us. They were mad and tried to bring us back to our town. We told them that if they brought us back, somehow, we would run away again and they couldn’t stop us. We told them that they didn’t need to worry about us because we had a house and a good income so we could live a worryless life. Our parents had a two-hour-long conversation, and finally they agreed with us. That’s how we escaped with our love, and that’s how we settled down in a different town.

Oh my god Mom…

So don’t worry, my dear, I will talk about this with your father. He will understand your problem, and he will let you be with your love.

Thanks, Mom, I don’t know how can I thank you.

You do not need to thank me for such a thing.

                                                             They exit.

Going Back to a Familiar Place

Bernadett Sági

Hi, my name is Allie Owens, and this day is a very important one for me. But let’s just start at the beginning. I’m 15 years old, and I was born in a small town in California. I had a great childhood and the best friends in the whole universe. They were Lucas and Hanna. We did everything together. We went to the same school and lived really close to each other. Hanna was really talkative, brave and maybe a bit crazy too. Although we were so different from each other, I already knew that we were going to get along well when we first met. I have always been the shy girl, but she … she was everything I wasn’t. She stood up for her thoughts, and she didn’t care what other people said. We were there for each other. And then Lucas joined our gang. He was a quiet boy living in the neighborhood. One summer when we became friends he started to become the exact opposite of himself. We realized that he just couldn’t find his place and that’s why he was shy at first. In fact he was a hyperactive boy and he kept on spouting all the time. So that was our team and we had so much fun together.

But then my mom got a really good job offer that she couldn’t reject. I was really happy for her, but the thing was that we had to move to Kansas. And now here I am four years later, living in Kansas. In the first months, Hanna, Lucas and I used to talk with each other daily, but then we just lost contact. We got our own lives and had no time for each other.  But the reason I am excited is that my parents decided to move back to California. And today is the day we go. I sit on the plane and it can start at any minute. I still can’t believe that I will see my friends again after years. I look out the window and see all the memories in front of my eyes. The plane starts to rise and I fall asleep.

My dad wakes me up when we arrive at the airport. On the way home I become nervous. ‘What if I have changed a lot during the years and I’m not good enough for them anymore?’ ‘What if they don’t like my new self?’ My head is full of thoughts like that. ‘No, I have to get rid of these, everything will be fine.’—I try to calm myself down. And then we arrive at our old-new house. I look at the neighborhood. Lucas must be so excited that I have come back. But when I get out of the car I see a young couple coming out of their house. I have no time to think about it because my mom calls me to help her with the bags. It is late evening when we are done with everything. Mom says that she talked with the new neighbors. I get to know that Lucas and his family moved to another city about a year ago because his parents found a better school for him where he would have a better chance of becoming a lawyer. At first I couldn’t believe it. Lucas? Being a lawyer? His parents couldn’t have meant it seriously.  I always thought that he would be at least a rock star and travel around the earth. It makes me sad that I can’t meet him. I have been waiting for it for a long time. I should go to sleep, because if I think about it further, I will become more and more disappointed.

It is the next morning and I can’t get out of bed. Finally I climb out of it and start to get ready for my ‘second’ first day of school. My mom takes me there and I am happy but also a bit scared when I see the familiar stairs in front of that great door. A lot of children walk in small groups, talking and laughing. I remember I was one of them too. I take a deep breath, say goodbye to my mom, and go toward the school. Great memories come into my mind in connection with this building; these memories make me more confident as I open the door. From the outside the school hasn’t changed much, but more on the inside. I remember it to be colorful and special. But now … it is more like a normal and casual school like the other ones. As I walk down the hallways I notice many familiar faces. But at the same time they are not really familiar. And there are a lot of new people as well. A group of girls walk past me. They are the typical ‘famous girls’ of the school; they always have the newest clothes and probably giggle at a boy. It is not really surprising; every school has a group like that, but the fact that there is Hanna walking in the middle of it, wearing fancy clothes and making those ridiculous gestures, leaves me speechless. The Hanna I knew was always a bit different from the others. She didn’t care what they said and wasn’t afraid to say her thoughts out loud even if they were a bit crazy. I loved that Hanna, but the girl I saw just now was so different from my best friend. She is more similar to the girls we laughed at years ago because they looked the same and were so boring. She didn’t even notice me as she passed by.

I was too afraid that people wouldn’t love me the same because I had changed a lot over the years. But what if people have changed around me and I am the one who has stayed the same?


Áron Antal

It was a bright July afternoon; the sun was burning through the window of my room. This was one of my chilliest summers yet, ’cause after school ended, I didn’t do anything, I just relaxed, hung out with my friends. I also got a job at my friend’s fast food restaurant, so I earned some money as well. I was looking at cars on the Internet, when my mother entered my room.

—Mike, good news—and she handed me an envelope.

I knew what it was; my driver’s licence. I hopped up with great joy from my chair, and ran out to the living room with a big smile on my face, which my dad noticed from the couch, and asked:

—What are you smiling at?

—I got my licence, so please, can I take your car for a spin?

—Congratulations! And yes, of course, have a good time!

I ran to the garage, hopped behind the steering wheel and started the engine. The old pick-up’s diesel engine revs up smoothly; I put it in gear and drove off. I thought that I would invite some of my friends and go driving with them.

—They are always at the park—I thought—so I’ll go there. And there they were.

—Mike, dude, hi,—they said.

—Hi guys.

—So you got your driver’s license, eh?—asked Bob.

—Yup!—I answered—and I would like you guys to be my first passengers.

—Cool,—they said.

—Where should we go?—asked Kenny.

—As you are with a pick-up, why don’t we go a little bit, ya know, off-road.

—Great idea. The roads are now dry in the countryside. Let’s go!

So we hopped in the car and drove to the countryside. We chatted and laughed on the journey, watched the endless wheatfields reaching the horizon, and the harvesting machines, which seemed like tiny ships in the endless ocean. It seemed so nice, no one was out there just us, it was so calm. But this state didn’t last forever, because when we stopped to admire the view and walk from the car a little, in my excitement I forgot to turn off the headlights, so when we headed back, the battery was dead.

—God damn it,—I said when i turned the key, and the starter motor just wauled at me, not turning the engine the slightest bit.

—So what now?—asked Bob.

—I don’t know.

So we sat down for a little, and drank some water, when we heard someone approaching us with great noise from the other side of the car. We stood up and saw an old, beaten-up tractor approaching, pulling a wagon. We waved at it, and it stopped next to us. He stopped the engine of that rolling piece of crap and stepped out of the cabin. The driver was a young boy, even younger than us, around 16, with short-cut brown hair, unshaven cheeks, bare feet, no clothes on but shorts. Then I looked at that junk: the spotlights were broken, the engine was dripping oil, a rotted seat, a dirty interior full of dust and seeds (because all of the windows and doors on the cabin were open). Also, the guy was sweaty, and a thin layer from the dust of the road covered his whole body.

—What is your problem?—he asked.

—Our car battery is dead. Could you charge us, just to start it?

—Yep, sure,—he said, and climbed back in the cabin for the charging cables.

He clipped one to the tractor’s battery, the other to the car’s. Then he sat back and started the tractor.The starter motor painfully rotated the big engine. At the moment it started, it vomited a great cloud of soot from the rotten exhaust.

I sat back in the car and turned its key. It started immediately. Then he stopped the tractor, and detached the wires from both of the vehicles.

Because of the heat, I was tired, and instead of thanking him, I asked him a question.

—By the way, are you crazy, or who drives this junk around half naked in this heat? Are you nuts?

He looked at me with a bit of disgust on his face, and asked:

—Do you know what work is?

—Yes, I know well. I am 19 years old and I work four hours a day in a fast-food restaurant.

—Do something for me, okay. Next time you eat, think of me.

Then he said nothing more, just sat back in the cabin, and drove off to the distance.

Then we drove back to town; I dropped off my friends and drove home. When I arrived, it was almost dark. I entered the house, but no one was at home; I just found a note. It read:

—Dear Mike,

Me and your father went to Steve’s house, they’re having a party and we just got invited at the last minute! Anyway, we come back tomorrow.



P.S. I made you some sandwiches, they are on the table.

I sat down ’cause I was very hungry, and my mind just clicked in. That sentence the kid had said was stuck in my head. And it was just now that I recognised when I was looking at the sandwich:

—I think I have a hard job, but actually I don’t; because that kid probably wakes up early in the morning and comes home at night, after driving that junk all day, in the heat, in the dust and for what, you ask? To transport the wheat from the fields to the silos, the wheat that is transported to the mill, then to the bakery, where they cook the bread that I can buy by just going to the store, take it off the shelves and walk home with it. And that bread, the wheat, the pasta, and all the baked goods are so easy to obtain, yet, some people have to work very hard under very harsh conditions to make it so easy for us citizens to get our food. They are not stupid farmers or jerks; they are the uncelebrated heroes of every nation, every country, that nobody thinks of.

A teardrop rolled down on my cheek when I was thinking about this, and how I behaved with that poor guy. If I could find a way to apologize to him and give him a blessing for what he is doing, day by day, I wish I could. But now my mind has changed; I will never look at food the way I did before, because now I know how much work is behind this bread I am holding in my hand, the bread that is wet from my tears.

Something Even Stranger: Variations on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Áron Antal


Oh, my dear love Lysander,
I got on this way here so tired,
Where shall we rest, my dear?

Well my dear Hermia,
If you got tired,then
I must go to sleep as well,
‘Cause our heart and blood
Will be the same by next month.

Then here we’ll lie
Here next the river bank
Where you can rest
Your head on my breast.

Hermia, don’t you think
That we should remain innocent!
Till the day of the marriage
I can’t do such perv things.

Shall it be as you wish,
Then here, have this
Sleep on the moss
Instead of my bosom.

I got tired as you
So we shall sleep
To get the time passed
Until the marrie day.

They rest and fall asleep.

HELENA and DEMETRIUS arrive in the forest.

You can’t outrun me, my love.

You perv, leave me alone!

HELENA hides behind a tree.

You can run, but you can’t hide!


For my luck I can hide
So saving my own hide
From that jerk Demetrius.
I got so tired in the chase
That I must go to sleep here
Along this bank where
Demetrius can’t find me.

Falls asleep, not recognising that next to her lie LYSANDER and HERMIA.


I searched for hours now
But could not find no
Athenian woman lying
On the ground.

He falls over.

What is this, oh,
I found what I have
Searched for all night
That Athenian woman
Oberon told me about!
I shall do what I’m meant
And squeeze this flower’s nect—

Squeezes the flower into Helena’s eyes.

I did what I had to
But just look:
There is some flower left.
So what should I do with that?
I think the best
Is to throw it away, alas.

Throws the flower away, and it lands in HERMIA’S eyes.

DEMETRIUS enters, searching for HELENA, waking up both HELENA and HERMIA; both of them see him first.

Oh my dear love, stranger,
I don’t know a way to say
Something even stranger,
But I feel true love for you!

Who are…..

Oh dear Demetrius,
I’ve been a fool
To reject your love!

What dare you say about
My lover, my dear stranger?

My heart is meant for Hermia.
Leave me alone you strange
Woman, whom I just met.

HERMIA chases DEMETRIUS, followed by HELENA, who chases them both.

LYSANDER starts waking up.

Hermia my dear, what’s
That noise I just heard?
Hermia! Hermia!? Hermia?
Where have you gone,
She must have thought
From how I acted
That I don’t love her
And ran away, leaving me here,
For some animal to eat.
Where did you go, Hermia?

Exits, to search for HERMIA.


Adél Mihályi

Nowadays, you can hear the sentence ‘just be yourself’ from everywhere and everyone. It has become a really important issue to find our true self, and maybe it is the basis of confidence. But is it possible to be 100% ourselves?

As we meet many people a day, our personality switches to something suitable for the situation. We start to use different words and gestures; we talk about different topics with different people. That’s why some believe that it is impossible to stick to only one side of ourselves—even if we don’t want to, we are constantly changing. Minute by minute, a little piece of us disappears and is replaced by another one. So, in this way, we can’t be totally honest even with our best friend, or with ourselves.

Is life that unfair, giving us a whole personality that is just changing and changing, and even the owners of the soul can’t get to know it?

Where are we?

Who are we?

Imagine the situation: on a usual morning we arrive at school or work, and the atmosphere of the place is much different from our bedroom. We switch to another side of us, as usual—is this the real one?—and go on without noticing.

We don’t even notice, because we are being ourselves. We don’t use another personality, just another side of it. We don’t usually talk to ourselves like, “you have to be polite, kind, open, don’t use bad words,” because even if we are constantly changing, we can’t change moment by moment by forcing it. Radical changes need more time than just the way from home to work, but they still happen.

… Because we are that colorful, we don’t have to force any shades onto our soul; and we don’t even notice the shading.

Virtual or Reality

Bernadett Sági

Our world is way different from the world my grandparents lived in. The Big Change happened in those years when my parents were born. They don’t really remember what life was like before. The children born after them don’t even know as much as they do. The whole world changed, and everybody’s life turned to its opposite. It was a new technological invention that caused it. It looks like a contact lens, but you can’t just take it out or put it in. We got it when we were born, and everybody has one in their left eye. It’s invisible if you look at someone; people can see only their own lenses. My grandfather says that it looks like when you play a video game and you are the character in it. You have a tab or whatever floating on your side. In this tab a lot of ‘buttons’ appear with different names on them, and you can choose where you want to go. For example, if you select the one with the word ‘plaza’ on it, you can go to the biggest plaza you’ve ever seen. It’s not real, so we are not teleporting or anything like that. It’s more like a virtual world. We are in our body, doing everything we want. We are not controlled. There’s no difference between reality and these worlds, but you can tell which is the ‘original’ one; you can feel it, but it is really hard to decide. The tab does not disturb your eyesight, because you can swipe it away by only thinking of it. You control it with your brain and your thoughts. How cool is that!

I don’t really understand how anybody could live without the lens. It makes our life easier, and that’s what the State wanted too: to make our lives more comfortable. There are worlds for having fun and worlds with different landscapes. You can go from one to another easily and fast. Of course, you can also go to these places without using your lens, but who would do that? It takes more time and effort; because of this, people don’t travel anymore. With my friends Ryan and Beth we always meet in these virtual places when we are not at school. Ryan is more outgoing than Beth and me. He enjoys jumping between worlds very much and always invites us too. People who are older rarely use it and say that it’s useless and stupid. They think it’s pointless, and they rebelled many times when the lenses were invented. They said that it controls and brainwashes us. I didn’t believe them. I also heard that a lot of people went crazy at the beginning. They didn’t know which was the real world and which was the virtual. I always thought that these were just made-up tales that my grandpa told me, because he was against the lenses and the State because it invented it. You can’t die in virtual worlds, so when you jump off of a cliff or even drive into a wall with a car, you don’t have to worry about what will happen to you. But luckily you’re not doing it in your original world.

The days went on, and I didn’t see either Ryan or Beth for a long time because we were on school break. A lot of new worlds were created, and I tried a few of them and found a new favorite. I was there with my mom. This is a world where it is always summer; there are festivals and beaches, swimming pools and aquaparks everywhere you go. There are booths where you can buy ice cream, snacks and anything you want. There are colorful beach umbrellas standing in the sand. I enjoyed being there, especially because it was fall and I don’t really like that time of year.

Soon the break was over, and we went back to school. Everything was ordinary. One day I was talking with Beth in front of the school when Ryan came along. He stopped next to us, said hello. He was a bit strange, constantly looking around. He said that he was busy, so he went toward the school.  We didn’t worry about his being different. Maybe he had just had a very strange school break. We didn’t see him for the rest of the day. The next morning when I went to school, I saw something strange on the roof. I didn’t recognize it at first, but it was a person standing there. It wasn’t just a random person; it was Ryan. I ran to the door and opened it as fast as I could. I ran upstairs, went up to the roof. Ryan was in front of me. He noticed me and turned around. He was smiling, but I didn’t know why. I couldn’t think of anything but to stop him from what he was going to do.

“Ryan, what are you doing here?” I asked. He was still smiling when he answered.

“Just trying something new. I have always wanted to know how crazy it feels,” he said and turned back.

“Ryan, don’t! It’s a really bad idea. What are you thinking?” I asked him. I was really confused. I didn’t know why he was doing that. He didn’t seem sad or anything.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be okay,” he said and jumped into the nothing. I was standing there and didn’t really know what I saw. I was shocked and probably not moving for minutes, just looking at the point where Ryan had been standing a few moments ago. The next minutes or hours—I don’t know how much time passed—were very hazy. My next clear memory is of sitting on my bed. So here I am, staring at the wall and thinking about what was happening. Ryan. He jumped off the roof. But why? He had no reason to do it. Then I realized why he was weird and why he did what he did. He thought that he was still in a virtual world. Everything my grandpa told me was true. Everything. And I didn’t believe him. But now … now I do. I believe everything. The lenses are not for us; they are against us. They control us even if we don’t feel it. The State is lying to us. They say that they want us to live an easy life. But it’s not the truth; they don’t want us to live a normal life. They did this to Ryan. My train of thoughts was interrupted by the pain I felt when I ripped my contact lens out.

Bringing Dragons to Life

Lilla Kassai

Have you ever wanted to own a dragon? Are you a fan of Eragon, Game of Thrones, or How To Train Your Dragon? Do you like magical fantasy books, or fantasy worlds with all types of mythical creatures? Now, it’s possible even to own them, because now, dragons are real.

The process of bringing them to reality was extremely long, and criticized by  GreenPeace activists. It was a mutation between lizards, iguanas, geckos and various sizes of bats. Since only bats have wings made out of leather that could possibly look good on a dragon, scientists made a fetus out of a regular bat’s and a Armadillo lizard’s genes.  

The results weren’t the same, as we originally expected: the first few fetuses weren’t capable of living, but later on, they became stronger and stronger. The first dragons that could use their wings for flying were approximately the 20th experimental fetuses. As they grew older, a few more problems occurred: they weren’t capable of reproduction, so their offspring were still made in incubators.

The thirtieth generation of the experimental dragons was the first that finally became fertile and could use their wings for flying. The first dragons that could be kept in a household were finally circulating on the common market, as pets. But the dragon fans wanted more: bigger dragons that could be ridden.

The scientists accepted their challenge: they took a few hundred of the dragon prototypes and brought them into the laboratory again, where the new mixing of the genes began: the genes of a dragon mixed with the genes of varanus and crocodile, to make them grow bigger with stronger and thicker skin.

The first experimental fetuses weren’t the best ones: their wings were too small to bear the weight of the bigger dragons, so they tried again with the bats, but even the biggest species didn’t have wings big enough to enable the new mutant to fly. The final solution seemed to be the genes of a dinosaur, more specifically a Pteranodon. The result was better than the expectation. The new prototypes of dragons were bigger and could fly and reproduce, so their offspring could give better genes for the next mutation with the smaller species of dragons. After mixing their genes, and adding some pigments to them, they started to form different subspecies. To make the evolutionary process faster, the scientists started to make artificial dragon babies, because the mutants, who were now finished, weren’t as prolific as desired.

As soon as the dragons were ready, they were out on the market, but the big ones were extremely expensive and required lots of space, so they were given to farmers, who started breeding them in open air, where the animals were a lot happier than in a science lab.

A few of them still escaped. They mainly flew to mountain forests in the North, where their thick skin protected them from the cold. They lived in the mountains of Siberia, where you can rarely find a human. Just the raw savage and endless forest.

Stronger Links

Deniz Pala

Dear Mum and Dad,

I need money.

I’m sorry for the lack of communication ever since my arrival at this fancy boarding school. The honest truth is I haven’t been adjusting well and was embarrassed to tell you all about it, especially my academic performance, considering how much you value it. The classwork is very difficult here and I felt like despite being the hardest working person I saw, I always ended up with the lowest grades. Well, I’m writing to you now because I figured out how that happened.

Thanks to my drawing skills and a group project in arts class, I ended up being invited to the dorm room of a girl in my class named Alyssa. Her roommate Becca was also there, studying by reading her textbook aloud while were drawing on Alyssa’s side of the room. About half an hour in, I spotted Becca pulling out a diffuser. I didn’t see what she put in it, but was excited for the room to smell a bit nicer, if I’m being honest. 

Skip forward half an hour, the room smelled worse, when Becca suddenly called out my name to ask me… to describe the relationship between appearance and reality as described by Pluto, Russell and Descartes. And I started answering.

As you know, I don’t take philosophy. I don’t like philosophy. I could’ve sworn I had never heard those names before, let alone their ideas. And yet there I was going on about them with all the details, like I was… reading from a textbook.

After having a good long laugh, thanks to whatever facial expressions I was pulling, they explained it all to me.

What Becca put in wasn’t an essential oil, it was the voice recording she made while reading her textbook. The “diffuser” converted the sound into a smell. The sense with the weakest link to memory to the one with the strongest. That’s why they simply called it a “converter.” Two men made it for their son who had a condition that made it especially difficult for him to memorize things for school. When he started at this school, the other parents tracked the diffusers down and pushed until they began mass-producing them. Although knowledge of this product stayed within a very elite group of people, the two men became rich, and the school the hardest in the country, as the students just kept getting good grades no matter how much more material the school put in the curriculum.

And that is why I need money, and lots of it, if you insist on keeping me at this school.

With sincere appreciation,

Your lovely daughter Max


Ahmet Yavuz Kaya

It’s a story about a crazy scientist grandfather and Jimmy, his grandchild.

Jimmy: Grandpa! Please do my science homework!

Grandpa: Jimmy, how many times do I have to tell you? Don’t enter my workshop without my permission. I almost broke my new invention.

Jimmy: What is that helmet, Grandpa? It looks like a coke box on a helmet.

Grandpa: Well, I call It Muter3000. In a simple way, it’s something like a real-life mute, like you young people do on social media, but if I have to explain in a more scientific way—

Jimmy: No, I don’t need to know any more.

Grandpa: Aaa! You younglings’ impatience has made me a misanthrope! At least listen to what you asked for.

Jimmy: Fine…

Grandpa: Then, it propagates waves in a 10-meter radius to people’s brains in that area and prevents their brain’s communication and pattern recognition areas from making any movement or contact related to the person who wears it. So I don’t have to deal with people when I am not in a good mood.

Jimmy: But if there are some  people whom I want to exclude from the blocking, what will happen?

Grandpa: Did you really think that I never thought of that? Well, Jimmy, as you said before, that part which resembles the “coke box,” it’s a biological filter that you have to put something into, like a few hair strands, etc. For example, if Nietzsche were resurrected somehow with science, and if I put in the filter some piece of his cool mustache that was stolen from his coffin, I would be able to communicate with him even if I were wearing Muter3000.

Jimmy: Who is Nietzsche, anyway? Never mind, drop it. How did this Muter3000 come into your mind?

Grandpa: Oh, you will see. (He wears the Muter3000 and starts walking toward the door.)

Jimmy: Hey! I thought  you would do my ho— (Jimmy is stunned; he can’t move or appeal to his grandpa.)

At the front of the door, Grandpa smiles and says:

See you later Jimmy, Do your homework by yourself.

Salvation or the End

Kázmér Kaposvári

Our story begins in the twenty-first century: to be exact, in 2044, where we humans have extended our discovery of horizon to the sky. We have built efficient ships capable of bringing people to other planets.

The only planet we have ventured to so far is Planet Mars, as this seemed to be the best one to conquer because of its similarities to Earth. Because of the vast environment, we have only built homes, habitats, and domes underground. This process took an immense amount of money, resources, and energy. Mostly scientists are living there so far and are constantly battling the problems of the unpredictable red planet, such as the sandstorms that can block light, thus preventing it from reaching the solar panels. For this, small nuclear energy generators are used, but they are not for all eternity, as the storm can even stay on the whole planet for months and, very rarely, years.

A new ship was about to land on one of the landing pads: a small team of scientists was to arrive from a nearly six-month journey in space from Earth. This small team included Jackie, Bill, and Robert. During the long trip, they discussed all the problems and difficulties of space travel: loss of muscle mass, their lack of personal belongings from home, homesickness, the awful solution for toilet usage. They also agreed that the journey they were taking was really the future, but here it took such a long time for everything to happen. Even on the Mars base they could only send short messages and videos back to Earth, and depending on the current orbit of Mars and Earth, it could take hours to get a response from the home planet. This small team of three were technicians whose job was mainly to repair electronics. A few weeks later, a disaster struck the Mars base. The dome where the fruits and vegetables were planted and harvested in quite a great number, had an attack by an unknown disease, and most of the greenery died out. The base had only fifty people at that point, yet a mass destruction of plants like this would have an influence on the overall food supply. The reserved food was estimated to be enough for three weeks, and then slowly all that remained would be consumed until it was all gone.

The morale of the society was disturbed deeply, though everyone knew that the moment they set foot on the ship on Earth, there was no guarantee that they would ever return in one piece. Jackie and his friends were here for only a few weeks, and they already felt the death that was just waiting for them. They also knew that the main problem here was: the time of transportation. Unfortunately, they could not wait for another ship with supplies, as it was many months away. Everyone was trying their best to fix the crisis, but as the days went by, the nights got more difficult to sleep through.

One night the three friends were fixing the long-range transponder system, and they suddenly received a strange transmission from an unknown location from space. It seemed this came from the uncharted regions in the universe. This message they accidently received was more like an instruction for a technology yet to be discovered. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, they were able at least to translate and understand what it was about. Jackie immediately realised that this was the key to the problem. The plans they were seeing were for a strange gate: more exactly, two individual gates connected by a strange phenomenon they did not understand. These gates were able to transport matter from one place to the other in no time. They shared the news with the rest of the base, but as expected, not everyone was pleased by this great plan. Some thought this alien tech was here for a reason and maybe to destroy us. As no one had a better idea and time was running out, they started to build it. Luckily, there were many resources for building, as Jackie’s team, when they arrived, brought some supplies. The plans were also sent to Earth, and the construction has begun.

In a few days after the exhausting hard hours were behind them, it was ready; the only step was just to insert the code provided in the plans for connection. The moment of the new era of space travel stood before them, and they were only a press of a button away from unleashing the great changes of the future, as they all knew what this discovery would do. After activation, just as if through a window, they could see their fellow friends on the other side of the gate. It worked like a simple gate, and they could easily hop from Mars to Earth and vice versa. Jackie and his team received a Nobel prize for their discovery for saving the people on the base, but they were never allowed to speak of the signal they received, nor of anything regarding that matter.

The three friends were rich, but they also wondered what they had brought upon humanity: a bright future, or the end of their civilization by another one.