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In an Arm’s Reach

Gergely Sülye

What is the end-goal of being a human? To live a fulfilling life? To indulge in pleasure? To leave behind a legacy so great that it will be remembered for millennia? The common answer would be that it is all subjective, and our purpose is to find out what we want to do. But we believe there is a unified upper limit to what a person can accomplish in a lifetime, and this destiny is by nature something that every creature strives to achieve. Some may consider it forbidden or blasphemous, but in the end the arms race of humanity is to surpass, or even become, god itself.

Of course this is nearly impossible by conventional means, unless we move the goalpost and redefine what a god is. The ability to do anything, anywhere, and by any means would be enough to make an entity the supreme lifeform in the entire universe. And it just so happens that this doesn’t have to be our own plane of existence. After all, creating a new dimension from scratch is something that should be very well within the capabilities of a god. All of this is in an arm’s reach.

Introducing the means to become the god of your very own world inside the most high-tech commercially available supercomputers. The development of these machines has been completely perfected by artificial intelligence, to the point where even if we simulate a higher intelligence inside of these computers (which, by the way, the user can also do), it won’t be able to produce a higher-performing alternative. Thanks to the revolutionary customer-friendly user interface, anyone can create anything simply by thinking about it.

Want to simulate the real world? Well, not sure why anyone would want to do that, but it is possible! But if you happen to want to alter this copy of the real world to your liking, you can go right ahead!

Perhaps you want to simulate a completely different world of fantasy or an alternate history? It is all possible! Have real relationships, interact with real people, beings, animals, incomprehensible cosmic horrors, anything you can imagine!

And if you somehow run out of imagination, you can try out our marketplace with pre-made situations, worlds, characters, and all kinds of assets produced by our professional staff, updated with fresh content every weekday!

Other alternatives are available, but for full immersion it is required to have a full-interface brain implant to establish the best possible connection between the user and their world. Classes containing information about customer safety procedures are required by law to be taken before usage.

Innovating the future.

The Language-Capsule

Lili Forgács

There was silence when the man in the chimney-pot hat appeared on the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am Federico Vespucci and I am going to introduce the invention that will change the world for sure and solve the problem of understanding languages in the easiest way. This is the language-capsule.”

Light applause could be heard at this point. Mr Vespucci wasn’t bothered by the lack of enthusiasm from the audience, and he went on.

“Do you know what it is?” he asked. “It enables you to understand languages that have not been learnt by you before. But this is not all! You could understand what your own pet says, as well. Isn’t it interesting?”

I thought it was, but also creepy. Rather creepy.

“You don’t have to do anything special to use this magnificent, unusual ability, just take one language-capsule. The pill makes some modifications in that part of your brain that is responsible for learning and understanding languages. Your brain will interpret the ‘programmed’ language as a familiar language, and you can then understand the meaning of it.”

It sounded absolutely weird. What if something goes wrong? It would be too risky. Your brain is not a toy. However, the crowd was all ears and listened carefully. I could see on their faces how much the idea appealed to them.

“Twelve types of language-capsule have already been invented, tested and produced. One type enables you to understand only one language. There are capsules specialised in the seven world languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese. The other five make you understand what the most common pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and fish) say. I am sure that if there is huge demand for other types, their development will begin.”

Talking with my dog? It’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I know what it says, and I also know that it understands me. I feel it without any pills.

“It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The idea comes from my little son, who always wants to know what is said if he does not understand it. I know he is not alone. I know you have already felt it at least once in your life.”

The audience started to bestir themselves. They liked the whole intention; they smiled and whispered. They couldn’t wait to get the pills. Mr Vespucci sensed the passion too.

“You can check our website on the Internet if you wish. Your orders can be sent through it, but you can also visit our shop at 23 Kings Street, Washington D.C., USA. I hope I will meet some of you in the near future. Thank you for your attention. Goodbye.”

The crowd broke into loud applause. They believed every word he had spoken. I did not. I tried to leave the room as quickly as possible to escape the brainwashed mass.

The Portal

Eszter Aletta Hevesi

In every city, regardless of whether it is small or large, there are several portals, generally on the two opposing sides of the settlement, at the ambulance stations, the country’s Parliament, the homes of powerful politicians, and in schools. Of course in major cities they are located in the banks and other important institutions.

But let’s talk about what a portal actually is. It can teleport people, cars and nearly everything, depending on the size of the portal (of course a portal in the bank won’t teleport a truck, just money and people). It helps city life immensely: the citizens don’t need to use the bus, trains or planes, because they can easily commute between cities, counties, even between countries, continents. The ambulance doesn’t need to take a relatively long road to save a person’s life; they use the portal and arrive in a maximum of 10 minutes after the call. I could list a thousand other benefits of this invention, but I think everybody can imagine how useful it really is.

The portal works in a complex way: the person walks into the black hole— which is noticeable from any distance—and types in the destination of his or her journey. If it is a reachable destination from the first teleportation, the system automatically shows it as an offer, but if it isn’t, then it shows the number and the name of the portal the person needs to go through along the way. After he/she chooses a destination, the portal breaks him/her into tiny particles, transfers him/her into the nearest quantum world, and sends him/her to the outportal of the chosen place, builds him/her up again, and extradites him/her to the given city/county/country/continent. To come back to the hometown, we need to take the same steps, because the outportals work as inportals too, depending on where we approach them from.

The portal was invented in 2084 by a woman named Elizabeth Safarg. She was a very intelligent, smart girl since birth, and everybody knew that she was destined for major things in the future. She worked on the portal absolutely alone and received numerous awards in the following years.

She agreed to have an interview with us, and we asked the most popular questions.

—Thank you, Elizabeth, for having us in your house and letting us ask some questions.

—Of course, it’s my pleasure.

—So first of all, congratulations on the awards you got this year, it is wonderful to see that a young talent’s breakthrough work is recognized, which is as it should be, because your invention is everywhere.

—Yes it means a lot for me to compete with my idols in the same field of technology that I have been interested in since middle school.

—How did you get the idea of the Portal?

—When I got into high school, I needed to commute to get anywhere. By commuting I mean at least one hour a day to get to school and back home in the afternoon. It was a big struggle for me, and I knew I was not alone. Unfortunately, my grandpa passed from a seizure because the ambulance could not arrive in time. At that exact moment I knew that a portal would be an amazing invention and would be used by everybody.

—My condolences for your grandpa. How did you start the process of working on the Portal?

—At first I didn’t tell anyone about my plan, because I worried that somebody would try to talk me out of it. I did a lot of research, read a lot of interviews of different inventors and physicists, and tried to make small steps forward after compiling all the information about anything that would help me make the first portal. After that, a long road of failures made me restart the whole process, but I didn’t lose my focus on the original idea.

—And approximately how many times did you need to go back and start over from scratch?

—At least a hundred times; don’t forget that I worked seven years on the first working Portal, which is not even the one that we use today. I had enough time to fail as many times as I wanted. But the 101st time, the Portal worked. I could go from my room to the backyard. Once the machine worked, the only thing I needed to do was experiment with both the distance and the capacity of the portal.

—When did you announce the Portal or even the plan of the portal to your parents?

—Of course when I lived in my parents house, I couldn’t keep it a secret for long; they figured it out pretty quickly but thought that I would give up. When I was very close to my first teleportation, they realized that it was not just a game anymore.

—If you didn’t get any support from anyone, how did you get the components for the Portal?

—I worked at the Component Store for a long time, and they gave me the ones that weren’t selling.

—How did you get the governments and the whole world to use it?

—When I had the final working Portal (which we use today), I took it to the Parliament of Inventions and asked whether they would like to use or try it out, and they said yes, even though they were skeptical. After a few months, they offered me a partnership and a dealership, the first one to be their partner in developing the Portal further, and the second one to sell it to them. I agreed and sold it to them. After two years it appeared in the main countries, and slowly but surely it expanded throughout the world.

—You are just twenty-six now; what are your plans for the future?

—I would like to start a company where I can work with young talents on their inventions and a charity too, to donate to countries that are not developed.

—These are remarkable plans. Thank you for your time and answers! We look forward to your new inventions.

Life Consists of Choices

Defne Lal Koçer

Sometimes life comes with many options. You suffocate in thoughts and you can’t pick one. Deeply you want to but you just can’t. There are some scenarios where I have observed people and myself trying to decide something important (maybe the chances of their lives).

You are between two possible life opportunity options;

1. You sit, think, then you suddenly realise what you actually want and you choose.

2. You sit, think, you can’t decide. You go and talk to your family, they convince you, you choose.

3. You sit, think, you can’t decide. You watch a film, the character suffers from the exact same situation as you. You like his/her choice, it influences you, and you do the same thing.

4.You sit, think, you can’t decide. You write everything down, it just makes everything more complicated and you can’t decide or you make the WRONG DECISION.

So, these are some of the scenarios that you can easily observe in people trying to make the decision of their lives. I want to ask you something: what is a WRONG DECISION? How can someone know if they have made the wrong or right decision?

The only way to figure this out is to EXPERIENCE it. Do you regret or are you happy with the decision? That is the way you understand it.

“But no more worries!” I would say if I were an advertiser.

With my invention, people won’t be worrying about regretting or being stressed.

How did this pop into my mind?

A couple weeks earlier, I learned that I had passed an exchange program exam. So I might go, but I can’t decide, so I would love to have this app.

It’s called “lifeconsistsofchoices.” You will upload it to your cell phone. So, how does it work?

Unfortunately the only thing which knows you better than you is your phone (unless you’re a wise person).

It keeps every single detail about you, your life, your passion, your animus, your social interactions, where you live…

This app will offer you two or more blanks into which you will write the options you can’t decide between.

Let me explain with an example:

Let’s say you passed an exchange program exam but you can’t decide whether you should go or not. So you write in the first blank: I GO

Second blank: I STAY

And then, the app does a miracle for you. On your screen, you see your future self doing the first and the second choice. First, you see yourself gone with the program, and you observe yourself. Later, you see yourself when you have stayed.

You can now see where you are happy as you always deserve to be!

The only condition for making this work is that you should have been using that phone for at least a month, as it will need to know you.

If you say “No” to regression and “Yes” to a stress-free, happy life, use the app for just two dollars per month!

Camping with a Little Bit of Magic

Alexandra Klaudia Süveges

I was looking at my old photo albums when my first camping photos hit me. The items I created are related to camping/touring with a little bit of magic behind them.


  • Can be placed on a hat/one’s head.
  • Protects from UV light.
  • Can protect one’s head from medium-sized rocks (if falling from above).
  • Fireproof.
  • Its upper layer is painted with material similar to candle wax, which protects against acid rain.
  • 2 horn-looking objects can be attached for use as a lightning rod (the umbrella will not conduct the electricity.)
  • If struck by lightning, connected to the Infront Pack items, the electricity can be stored.

Infront Pack

  • The backpack does not need to be on one’s back, it can follow its owner with the remote control. (5-meter distance is the farthest it can stay from the owner.)
  • The backpack can fly.
  • Fireproof.
  • Its accumulator can be used for a light source, charging devices, keeping food/drink cold.
  • Spacious. There are separate folders for items.
  • When used as a backpack, the wings are separated/placed into the packback.
  • The limit of the items’ weight is 15 kg.
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