Adél Mihályi

Nowadays, you can hear the sentence ‘just be yourself’ from everywhere and everyone. It has become a really important issue to find our true self, and maybe it is the basis of confidence. But is it possible to be 100% ourselves?

As we meet many people a day, our personality switches to something suitable for the situation. We start to use different words and gestures; we talk about different topics with different people. That’s why some believe that it is impossible to stick to only one side of ourselves—even if we don’t want to, we are constantly changing. Minute by minute, a little piece of us disappears and is replaced by another one. So, in this way, we can’t be totally honest even with our best friend, or with ourselves.

Is life that unfair, giving us a whole personality that is just changing and changing, and even the owners of the soul can’t get to know it?

Where are we?

Who are we?

Imagine the situation: on a usual morning we arrive at school or work, and the atmosphere of the place is much different from our bedroom. We switch to another side of us, as usual—is this the real one?—and go on without noticing.

We don’t even notice, because we are being ourselves. We don’t use another personality, just another side of it. We don’t usually talk to ourselves like, “you have to be polite, kind, open, don’t use bad words,” because even if we are constantly changing, we can’t change moment by moment by forcing it. Radical changes need more time than just the way from home to work, but they still happen.

… Because we are that colorful, we don’t have to force any shades onto our soul; and we don’t even notice the shading.