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Unexpected Family Member

Ilona Králik

It was a cold, snowy winter day in December, Mark was walking home from work. He had to work overtime that day, so he came home later than usual. It was already dark outside when he arrived. As he was searching for the keys, he realised that there was a little puppy in front of his door. Mark could not really see it first, because the puppy was white and fluffy; he only noticed the big black eyes. Everyone knew that Mark did not really like animals; he had been living alone since his wife died three years ago.

He pulled the keys out of his pocket, pushed the little puppy away from the door, and went inside the warm house.  He changed his clothes, watched the news on TV, and then started making dinner. He had just sat down at the table to eat his dinner when he noticed  the puppy was still there. It was looking inside the house through the window of the door. Mark became very frustrated that the puppy did not leave. He started eating and did not care about the little dog.

By the time Mark finished eating and washed the dishes, it had started snowing again. He thought that it was probably very cold outside; he looked out the window and saw the puppy lying in front of the door. He opened the door for the puppy and gave him some food. He did not want to let him stay in the house after he finished eating, but he curled up in front of the fireplace and took a nap. Mark was thinking about letting him sleep in the house and putting him out the next morning when he left for work. It was late at night, so he went upstairs, took a shower, and got ready for bed. Before he fell asleep, he went downstairs to check on the puppy. He could not believe his eyes, and he got very angry; the puppy was jumping around on his white couch with his dirty paws and playing with Mark’s socks. He immediately put him outside and went back upstairs to sleep.

As he was lying in bed, Mark could only think about that little fluffy dog; he could not sleep at all. After lying in bed for an hour, he went outside, brought the dog inside, and gave him a bath. After he finished with the puppy, he went back and this time was actually able to fall asleep. The next morning, when he opened his eyes, Mark saw the big black eyes of the puppy, which was looking at Mark with a “smile” on his face. Mark was not mad that he had climbed up on the bed and slept with him; in fact he was quite happy. Since it was already time to go to work, he got ready, left, and let the puppy stay there.

On the way to work he could only think about the dog and how much happiness it had given him in just one night. The last time he felt like that was before his wife died. Most importantly, he did not feel lonely anymore. During the day he decided to keep the dog, and started searching for a name. Mark left work as early as possible and went home to his new dog. When he opened the front door, Snowball, the fluffy white puppy, was wagging his tail and was so happy to see his owner. Mark was happy to see him too; he even took Snowball on a walk. Mark’s neighbours were shocked when they saw him walking a dog, but Mark did not even notice them, since he only cared about that little puppy, Snowball. And that was the day he realised he was so wrong when he thought animals were bad.

From Late to Early

Hunor Gangel

Our main character Ethan was a ninth grader. And he didn’t take deadlines very seriously. He always left his assignments for the last minute and usually stayed up late rushing through them. One day he got really unlucky and received four assignments with the same deadline. As usual he started working on them about an hour before the deadline. He successfully completed two assignments before the deadline, but he finished the other two well past it. The next day he went to school as usual, but he was a bit scared on account of submitting those assignments late. Everything was going well until the last lesson, which was one of the lessons for which he failed to submit the assignment on time. When that lesson came, Ethan felt a bit tense, but it didn’t seem that the teacher cared about his negligence. After the lesson ended, Ethan thought he was off the hook, but the teacher told him to come to her because they needed to discuss something. The teacher told him that she knew that Ethan didn’t send his assignment in time, so he was going to get an F. Ethan got his first F ever. He realised that he couldn’t continue this lifestyle of leaving all the assignments for the last minute, or this would occur more frequently. He decided to change and try to complete the assignments the day they were uploaded. Because of this he usually ended up completing the assigments first. About a month passed, and in the last lesson before the holiday, the teacher told Ethan again that they need to talk. She told him that she knew that since the last time they had talked, Ethan had always submitted the assignments way before the deadline, and their quality also improved because he wasn’t rushing them anymore. The teacher told him that she was proud of him. Ethan felt that he should be proud of himself as well, because he had changed for the better. And that was Ethan’s story of becoming a bit more reliable.

A Midsummer Night’s Gestalt

Gréta Tóth

(Act 2, Scene 1)

It is your choice, Oberon, if you want to see the boy ever again. If so, you can stay with us. But if you decide you are unwilling and try to take him away, I swear by my great-grandmother’s name that I will take the boy somewhere where you cannot find him ever. Mark my words, Oberon, and make a decision!

How dare you take the boy away, Titania? It is not your job to raise him. Give him to me, and I will teach him how to become a great man.

I refuse to!                             

She turns away and starts running but bumps into something.

Oh, I’m so sorry, my dear. I didn’t mean to run into you. You know, I’m rather in a hurry right now, but I couldn’t help hearing you and your beloved man arguing. How lucky you are, I came just in time. I bet this must be a sign: a sign that your love is meant to be and it was my fate to come here this night. But wait, let me introduce myself: I am Aloys, the best of all marriage counselors.                                        

He bows to both Titania and Oberon.

I have worked with many young couples, and let me tell you the truth: I’ve never failed so far. So don’t be afraid, beautiful lady, we will save your marriage. But young lovers, would you please tell me the whole story and everything about your partner that bothers you? You know, this is the most efficient therapy, and here I am, a hero who willingly gives up his free time to save your pure love.

I’ve had enough of this nonsense, fairies, come with me!

They exit.

Wait a second! Running away from the problem is the worst thing one could do. Please, come back and we can talk this out. And we can—

(Shouting) Run, Titania! Just run away! And you can hide the boy too, but I’ll come chasing after you until I find both of you!

These emotions are so deep, my fellow man. Go ahead, speak your mind. I promise you will feel much better. Let me help you conquer dear Titania’s heart again. We can work this out; just don’t give up your hopes.

Enough! Leave me alone, you fool!                                                 

He exits.


Gergely Sülye

George arrived at the abandoned house described by his assistee. He had been on the run for well over a week and had completely shaken the cops off his tail. Well, at least so he thought. He was probably in a different state by now, hopefully where they wouldn’t chase him any longer. Not to this place in the middle of nowhere, anyways.

He first saw an old and deteriorated wooden fence, although it didn’t serve much purpose, since it was small enough to be stepped over. The house itself was in a clearing in the woods. He had been hiking through this forest for the past days, so it was refreshing to see something man-made, even as abandoned and reclaimed by nature as it was.

The building was a typical American home, and looking at how run-down it was, he guessed it must have been unoccupied for at least two decades. Well, what was sure was that it would have its first resident in a really long time. There seemed to be some furniture left, although everything looked pretty empty. He explored the house and its rooms. He wouldn’t be using all of them, but he figured if he was going to live here for the time being, then he should tidy up a little bit.

Fall was approaching rapidly, and the forest had already started shedding its leaves. George was also fast at work. Since making himself at home, he had been gathering everything that didn’t spoil and storing it in the basement. It wasn’t really spacious, but besides a few tools he didn’t really have to store anything down there. While making trips in hopes of finding something edible or to gather firewood, he constantly reminisced over the times he went out hunting with his father in his childhood. He had learned a lot of practical skills, most of which he now knew would be necessary for survival. How to set up traps for small animals, the ability to distinguish poisonous plants from edible ones. In regards to firewood, he gathered any branches and fallen dry wood he could find. Thankfully the house had a fireplace, although it had to be cleaned thoroughly, as it was clearly not taken care of by its previous owners.

George took refuge in the guest bedroom, as it was the smallest of the three bedrooms and the easiest to warm up. There was a bed with a mattress, on top of which he laid an old carpet that he found in the basement. Of course he cleaned all of these beforehand. The room ended up looking rather comfortable after a few weeks of work. He took care of his hygiene by a small stream that a path behind the house would lead to. George was really a clean freak, especially after being forced to live in inhuman conditions previously.

Since the weather had turned unusually cold, too cold for him to be making trips outside, George was stuck in his room doing menial tasks. These included sewing and patching up his clothes or other fabrics and cutting firewood, among other things. Another important activity was contemplating life. He had been alone for about two months now, without any human contact. In order to maintain his sanity, he considered it necessary to get stimulated by talking to himself. He mostly thought about his childhood, and where things must have gone wrong. An overlying sense of regret came to him, unlike anything he had experienced before. Since prison never managed to squeeze even an ounce of guilt from him, this feeling would define most of his days spent in the heated guestroom.

Spring is often regarded as the season of change and renewal. George, too, considered it as such. Being confined with nobody but himself for so long, he had plenty of time to regret his past. But also to look forward to a new start.

As from a Voyage

Gergely Sülye

…As from a voyage, rich with merchandise.
But she, being mortal, of that boy did die;
And for her sake do I rear up her boy,
And for her sake I will not part with him.

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 2, Scene 1

And how do you know that boy’s will
To be eagerly under your care is true?
Has he ever conversed with you,
Or asked for protection on his mother’s bill?
I shall see if what has been said holds up,
Because it only takes a word from me;
And the boy will be here.

It is not the boy’s wish nor mine,
His mother’s honor is what commends my
Heart and body to respect what and
Everything she left behind.

Enter the boy.

Where am I? Who is there?

Fear not, it is I the fairy king Oberon
And Titania, my one and only queen.

You have been summoned to answer;
Do you want to stay within my protection,
Or do you wish to join up with Oberon?
Don’t hesitate to talk, dear.

I don’t want to be here.

Do you find her presence unsightly?
Shall we go to a different place,
Like an empty field that’s flowery?

No, I don’t know who you are. I want to go home.

It seems you have misunderstood the question.
We want to know your opinion:
With which one of us you would be comfortable?
Under whose protection?

Please! I didn’t do anything wrong! Let me go home!

Titania, your faults know no bounds.
You have made an innocent young boy cry
With nothing at that, but words.
I don’t know what your intention is,
But he will have to go back home nigh,
And he shall stay until you have better reasons.

The Truth

Lili Forgács

In my kindergarten there was a boy, Joey, who couldn’t say a sentence that was totally true. He didn’t tell lies, he just exaggerated all the time. Although his fellows knew his stories couldn’t have happened, they loved hearing those unbelievable tales.

One day Joey and his friends were playing together in the kindergarten yard. They played hide-and-seek. In the third round, Joey and a girl called Katherine found the same hideout: both of them hid under the slide.
“I was here first,” Katherine said.
“I don’t think so” the boy replied, then added, “Hey, do you like spiders?”
“Not really. Why?”
“Oh, just there is one in your hair. But don’t worry, it’s large enough to eat your whole head.”
“What?” The girl became terrified, started screaming, then jumped out of the hideout.
“Aha Katherine! You’re found, you will be the next seeker,” the seeker said when he spotted the girl.
At that moment a very tiny spider jumped out of the girl’s hair and ran away.

Later that afternoon, Joey told everybody how Katherine was frightened by a dreadful mutant spider.
“The spider was greater than anything you can imagine,” he told the others. “Even larger than an elephant.”
“That is not true, Joey. You know this is not what happened exactly, and I don’t like people who don’t tell the truth.” Katherine cut the boy short when he started the same story for the hundredth time, then she left.

The next day Joey apologized to Katherine and promised not to exaggerate again in his life.
“It’s OK, Joey.”
“In addition… I would like to ask that… omm… will we hide together again?” he asked shyly.
“Yes, of course,” the girl answered. This was the start of a new friendship, and of a new lifestyle for Joey in which he always told the truth.

The Story of Gen E

Eszter Aletta Hevesi

By 3030, the distribution of territories was between the three big countries (Kinchao, Grenglin, and Bashua), and the “new” language Kreborgian (which appeared in 2089) was spoken all over the world, making negotiations between the new countries much easier. With the bigger territories, a bigger dissatisfaction took over the population. The Earth had already overcome an enormous environmental crisis in 2060, when the world was on the edge of destruction by poisonous gases in the air; wars were still present but could be considered civil wars, since the battling citizens were from previously battling countries under the old distribution system. The teens of Gen E got fed up with the present government, which also lied to the citizens, made the workers pay ridiculously high taxes, and polluted the environment with the waste and gases produced by their firms’ factories. 

To save themselves, their rights, and the world, they wrote their own reforms together on a global level. They didn’t want to vote for a presidential candidate because all they did in the past was make them disappointed and leave their wants out. After making their own council, the ETeens, they wrote their demands in Kreborgian and handed them to the Trinational Assembly.


  • We want world peace once and for all. The Earth’s territories are already distributed equally among the three countries; none of them should have more or less than they have now.
  • We want to have publicly observable negotiations between the countries and no secrets from the inhabitants.
  • The population wants the countries to work on the conquering of Venus and Jupiter.
  • The cars that don’t go on the air path should be banned from the roads because they disturb the cyclists and the walkers.
  • All the energy should be extracted from renewal sources with regard to the shortage of petroleum.
  • The Future Space Inhabitance University should be available for everybody, not just the residents of Kinchao.
  • The government should be replaced by senators of a younger age, and the new trinational president should be Gwen Yung.

Gwen Yung was the great-great-granddaughter of Natalia Yung, who started the reformation of the world’s territory system, school system, and transportational system. G. Yung was a promising leader who was supported by the vast majority of Generation E and many other adults from older generations. For the first time in history, the Trinational Congress of GBK accepted the demands of the ETeens and started to negotiate their points. A day after the first conference, the Trinational Congress of GBK announced an out-of-turn election for a new trinational president, hoping that the voters would elect Bron Dher the current trinational president. They didn’t have time for any campaign because of the swiftness of the election. By the end of the week, the voters elected Yung as the new trinational president. Yung, after discovering the financial situation, fulfilled all the demands of the ETeens by the end of the year.

The first demand was the watching of negotiations: the presence of the young senators made them more peaceful and efficient. She made the university available for the citizens of all three countries, and it helped the conquering of Venus and Jupiter. By electing young senators, the congress made useful and progressive decisions for the countries. All the residents were satisfied with the decisions, and this ended the wars. The question of renewable sources was a more difficult one: the population’s mindset was reduced to the importance of saving money, but shopping carefully, while not cheap, paid itself out in time. With the money that was in the pocket of the trination, Yung could increase the wage of every resident; with that, they could lay solar and moon panels, but from reliable producers and altogether conducive to increasing the health of the Earth.

By 3050, the Earth’s atmosphere healed up, the people on Earth lived together in the best health and peace ever, and they were about to launch two spacecrafts with 50-50 astronauts from Future Space Inhabitance University (mostly from Boshua and Grenglin) to Venus and Jupiter to begin their lives there.

The Surprise of the Century

Dorottya Turza


Dear Sir Bottom, I hope you have a convincing excuse for why you called for me so unexpectedly. I spend the greater part of my time reading, but your sudden outburst kept me from the pleasure of finishing my most precious book.

Good evening to you too, dear Sir Peter Quince! If I must ask where you left your manners. Is this the way you should greet such a noble and humble person as myself?

My apologies for the rude behavior. If you would be so kind to tell me what is the urgency that you can not wait for the first rays of the sun.

First, Peter Quince, I must say I am very surprised and a little disappointed that you of all people do not know MY trouble.

Dear Sir Bottom, please leave the half sentences and start what you have to say. You assume that I am a patient man, but I can tell you my forbearance is also limited. So if you could be so indulgent and grow to the point, then I would be extremely grateful.

Peter Quince, I give you my word, for that which I am about to say is truly worth your time. With all my heart, I, Nick Bottom, had time to think over a lot of things. To the point where I came to the conclusion that Pyramus and Thisby is too average to be worthy of my unwordy acting skills.

… Excuse me?

I must say the first time I came upon this piece, I indeed saw great potential in it. I wished to be a part of this magnificent play full of possibilities. My role Pyramus is an exceptional person. Not just a lover. Nor just a tragic character. His shape is free and easy. One may call him a handsome man. He dresses very well. He is very genteel, he has a good air. He has a fine presence and a noble gait. He is the statue of perfection, but he has not at all pleased me. I can hardly believe it. Why?! Why can not he satisfy me? Now I know the reason. Such a wonderful man can not be a challenge for me, because he reminds me too much of another admirable person, of myself.

So you should like to—

If I could ask for your full attention, as I have not finished yet—

No! You listen to me, Nick Bottom! I believe I have heard enough to determine your problem. You wish to quit the play for the reason that it is not as challenging as you thought. But I might know how to solve this issue.

I am all ears.

You shall act the opposite way.

Ehh?! What are you saying? Such foolishness.

Do not be ignorant! Think of it as the surprise of the century. Just imagine it for a second. The high and mighty Pyramus is not his real self. He is a completely new man. That you could shape into this tragic lover that we could all feel sorry for. You can turn a kind, gentle nobleman into a lonely, abandoned and pathetic person. That could cause such disbelief.

Peter Quince… that is brilliant! The turn that nobody suspects. I love it! A Pyramus just as pitiful as a slave girl… That’s a sight for sore eyes. With this I would make the audience fill up with tears and sobs. Now I have an idea! We shall all act differently!

Though ever so willing, we cannot.

What prevents us?

It surely would be a chaos that we could not manage. If we go on the stage like that, we may pass away before the curtain is drawn.

Well, there’s no accounting for taste.


(Author’s note: I used English Dialogues Upon the Most Common Subjects of Life. Dr. Johann Christian Fick, 1813 to gather ideas for using the older English style in the conversation between Quince and Bottom.)

Let Him Roar Again

Dávid Csáki

I will roar, that I will do any man’s heart good to hear me; I will roar,
that I will make the duke say ‘Let him roar again, let him roar again.’

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 1, Scene 2

That’s very brave of you, but are you sure you’re as good as a real lion?

Not just any lion, but the greatest lion of them all. If you don’t believe me, let us put my skills to test. I demand you bring me a real lion so we can compare our roars.

That is ridiculous! Where are we going to find one, anyway?

I am glad you asked, because I heard rumors about a wild lion rampaging in a nearby village. The situation seems to be out of control, and that beast has killed over thirty people there.

Are you speaking the truth? And if you are, are your sources reliable? If that is the case. it is our lucky day.

My source gave his word for it; both he and I are speaking the plain truth.

Very well. Let us go on a journey to capture the beast. We will help the people of the village, and you can have your little showdown with the lion afterwards. Don’t let us down, or we might end up giving the part to the lion after all.

It is a profitable solution for both ends. You will see that my roars are no different, if not better, than those of a wild lion. You will be convinced that at least one of my parents has to be a beast. That I can guarantee. If I end up failing you, I will surrender myself for the lion to eat.

We’re leaving no later than tomorrow morning. I like your confidence and bravery. Reminds me of some kind of animal.



Bettina Czékus

It’s the year 2450. The Earth is totally damaged, but that means no problems anymore. Humans have moved to the planet Arbya.

Social interactions have nearly disappeared. Relationships are about interests, not love. Children are taught to make a career as young as they can. At the age of four, kids are put in groups according to their knowledge. Until they are ten, children learn from home; after that they’re forced to leave their homes and live in dorms, where they meet other kids with the same interests. They leave the dorms when they turn eighteen. At those establishments the teachers are robots, so they don’t have feelings and treat students equally.

There’s only one government for the whole world. Politicians are drawn from the smartest people, and the polity is super secret, so no one knows what percentage of humans are controlled by them.

Nobody can be whatever they want to be. Everything is controlled, and the media only shows films and series, so people aren’t able to find out what is going on in the world.

It worked well for over 260 years. But nothing lasts forever….

In 2430 Ella Anderson was born. When she turned four, she was able to get into the smartest group. At first the teaching wasn’t different from the others’. By the age of ten she managed to get into the best dorm, where politicians studied. She had amazing talent but never enjoyed what she was doing. Her dream was to feel fulfilled, but she never know how. Her roommate was Kathy, who got into that dorm by cheating. Kathy was a rebel inside, who always found a way to cheat on her exams and to get good results, while teachers noticed nothing. Only Ella got to see the real rebel, who wanted to change the world.

They were best friends. They planned together that when they got out of the dorm, they were going to become presidents and take the world to a new level.

That day came. They both were working at the parliament and were so close to becoming the presidents. They were just a step apart from being the most privileged person in the world, but somehow other government workers noticed that they had planned something. Before anything could happen, Ella and Kathy were caught and put in prison, where others like them ended up.

But the government never thought that they could escape one day.  And that is a day no one will forget.