An Unlikely Victory

Zoárd Varga

It was a tough week for all the ninth graders. Every class was exhausted after the Kati week, but they still had to be strong for the final day. That day the students and teachers would vote to decide which of the four classes was deserving the first place.

Like all the other classes, the Class 9.B was nervous about the day. Even though they had prepared for this since the second week of school, they had their doubts about winning. What if their dance fell apart? What if they failed the quiz contest? They pondered these possibilities. Even though they thought they would surely fail, they were going to give it their best shot.

But the time for doubts was over. It was time for action. The quiz contest had started, and it was time for everyone to shine. The first few rounds weren’t all that promising. They were getting third and second places, but it wasn’t going to be enough for first place. However, they slowly started their upward climb through the leaderboard. It started looking like they would win, but in the last two rounds they failed to get enough points; thus they barely scored second place.

However, they still had the dance show to hopefully turn the tide of the race. They were prepared to do their best. Some were nervous, unsure whether the dance they had prepared was good enough for winning. But in the end they were reassured that even if they were to lose, everyone would still get cake.

Anyway, it was time for the show. And soon, it was their turn to perform.

After the longest five minutes ever, they finished their performance. Everyone was excited, because they felt they had done an excellent job on stage. After the other classes had finished their performance, it was time for the vote. Everyone waited nervously as people voted for their favorite class. Soon they announced the winners.

To everyone’s surprise, the Class 9.B  won first place. The class was over the moon. They hadn’t thought they would win, but they did. Everyone celebrated this great achievement.

I, for myself, would never in a million years have thought we would win, but we did. And the best part is, we got to eat cake.