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From Contradicting to Acting

Zsófia Szabina Gávris

Having a contradiction
regarding yourself
is not like a book of fiction
you put on your shelf.

Looking organized is a must
for everyone to show.
If one’s thoughts thrust,
they will never know.

Being successful
because they earn more and more.
Feeling distressful while
they are rotten from the core.

The walk of confidence
you fake, to be proud.
The desire of prominence,
not to sink in the crowd.

Makeup perfect,
appearance screams: pretty.
Internally wrecked,
honestly… what a pity.

The Illusion Game of the Mind

Sarin Nevruz

Life is an illusion created by absolute reality. In our environment, there are many realities that we can’t deny. However, as human beings, even though we live under the same roof of physical reality, in fact every single person creates realities as he perceives them. Despite the fact we live in what we see, our real lives are our minds. Therefore, sometimes perceptions bend reality. Life is built in clear lines, but as long as the human mind exists, these realities change and develop. As a result, contradictions—or, in other words, “paradoxes”—occur.

Life is a jigsaw formed by opposite pieces. Imagine that you’re in a museum. This museum contains a white room, and let’s assume that there is an empty painting. And now imagine that each visitor adds a different piece. Such is society. No matter how white the room is, everybody adds some piece and starts to watch this jigsaw formed by a riot of colors. So while the room is representing our world, the produced big picture is the “created” reality. Although we all live in the same physical world, the thoughts and the ways of looking at things of every country, every culture and people of all ages are different; consequently the created realities vary as well. And this destroys the “one” truth created by our physical world, and our approach to things changes. We all are a whole yet very different. Each person wants to be free but in fact everybody is connected / tied together like a chain. Every decision we make, every step we take creates a breaking in this chain. Our minds are the ruler of our lives, even if they run counter to the realities of our life. We can achieve something that looks impossible, or make it impossible to do a very easy job. Moreover, only a small spark of thought is enough. Which is why, despite mankind being the most intelligent being, it seems that on the whole, each person’s ideas, perspectives, prejudices, or more precisely the “memorizations” that they create in the environment they live in, separate us from each other. Life turns into a pit of contradictions. We say that life is difficult, but in fact we are the ones making it so. While we are judging a person for thinking in an absurd way, we can worship another person for thinking otherwise. For a mentally stable person(!), reality might be when a bird flies; for a crazy one(!), it might be when a cat flies. Society excludes the one who thinks differently, thinking that he is disrupting the integrity and the harmony. But in fact he creates grouping, and separations start. Therefore it’s best to look at realities as possible things, through “the possibilities window”.

Meanwhile, speaking of cats, l guess you probably heard about Schröndinger’s cat. You know, this famous cat, the one that is simultaneously both alive and dead and in some sense represents the “paradox”. Well, did you ever think that you are the one who is Schröndinger’s cat? If you didn’t think, let’s think together from my perspective.

Unfortunately we all went through a hard process called Lockdown. In this process we were alone with our own selves for a long time and started to question our lives in a much deeper way. Maybe the hardest thing that could happen to a human was to stay with his thoughts. Because reality is constant, but the mind is complicated and bends reality. This period turned into a social experiment to make us understand better why our lives are a big “pit of contradictions.” We were always in the small box built by four walls. But, actually our mind was trapped in a small box since we weren’t interacting with the social environment. Hence, we have moved away from real life and started to dream very often and produce our “realities.” We created in our head a lot of probabilities, positive/ negative, for the future. After all, the interesting thing is that while these created dreams detached us from reality, in the meantime we started to question why we were alive, what our purpose was. That is, simultaneously we were detached from life but also were clinging to life. Because the fact that we dream a lot actually represents our craving for life. So, both hopeful and desperate, we were both cut off from life and also clinging to life. Now do you feel closer to Schrödinger’s cat?

As humans we want everything to be clear, but as our minds work, we can’t avoid the contradictions in our lives. The reason we exist is that we actually have the opposite of ourselves in us. Contradictions confuse us, yet they are the inevitable complex probabilities that keep us alive.

The Girl in the Window

Kitti Lili Tupi

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be outside,
what it feels like to be on the other side,
what it feels like to feel the wind which makes my hair go wild,
giving me goosebumps all around.

But why can’t I go?
There’s no person who could stop me from fooling around.
Holding little butterflies and running around,
while my hands touch the sky.

I may be chasing my dreams,
but i’m slowly drifting away from my own reality,
the urge to go outside is consuming me from the inside.
and still after all this time… I’m losing my mind.

Admiring the wind, even though i haven’t felt it in a while.
Being scared to step on the grass but still wondering what it feels like,
looking at the blue sky and the blinding lights,
being scared of the dark night but looking at the beautiful star sight.

It’s just a single dream… which feels like a threat,
wanting it so bad… but fearing it like death.

Raindrops in the Darkness

Roza Kaplan

I could hear her breathing.

I could feel her presence.

In the cloudy night, her figure was covered with darkness.

Books with yellowed papers lined up on the wooden shelves from which emanated that familiar scent; a bouquet of wilted roses on the table scattered with colored pens; pieces of paper with illegible writings; postcards from distant countries, from distant times, words written to beloved ones in languages I didn’t understand, of which I imagined the melody; black and white photos of strangers with smiles shadowed by melancholy, that I had bought in antique libraries, that I collected and conserved carefully; the bed with white sheets, color of the first snowflakes of winter, the whole room was plunged into darkness, which was warm, familiar.

Don’t you want to sleep?”

Her voice was like a whisper.

Not yet.”

We had met that afternoon but I felt as if I had known her all my life. As if she had always been there.

Autumn has come. Finally.”

Autumn? I believe I will hibernate in a tree hollow for eight months and wait for someone to wake me up with the first rays of the May sun.”

Would you like to be alone for such a long time?”

Would you not?”

I enjoy my loneliness. I enjoy my dreams. My books. My room. My darkness.”

And I like to be around people. I like candlelit conversations in winter evenings and herbal teas. I like warm hugs and handmade cookies. I like singing, dancing, walking, laughing and crying, together. I like to never feel alone.”

I don’t believe in the loneliness of human beings. Nor in togetherness. In friendship. In love. In selfishness, in hypocrisy. Nor in altruism, in self-sacrifice, in honesty. In good and in bad.”

I don’t believe in dictionaries.”

I don’t believe in agreements on unique definitions of words. I don’t believe in definitions. I don’t believe in the action of defining.”

What do you believe in?”

In nothing. And in everything.”

Is this even possible?”

Don’t you think it is?”

It’s contradictory.”

Our voices mingled with each other. I couldn’t understand which sentence had been spoken by whom.

As though we were talking at the same time, saying the same thing.

Or not talking at all. Sitting in the silence of the room.

Finally, I could hear her breathing.

I could feel her presence.

At the end of the day, I was tired, sad, angry, hopeless, disappointed, betrayed, scared, and I was joyful, lively, optimistic.

And in the silence of the room, the present mingled with the past.

The door opened with a creak.

Ghosts entered the room. A melody entered the room with cinnamon scents and rain drops.

I could hear laughters and sobs that were distant but as if they were in the room.

I have a small voice. But you can hear me, right?”

Yes, I can.”

People say that I talk with whispers.”

However, I’m actually shouting.”

Sometimes, I’m afraid people will hear me.”

But at the same time, I want to be listened to, understood, appreciated.”

I want someone to tell me that those words, coming out of my mouth, caressing my dry, fine lips like petals of a wilted rose, have a meaning more profound, more intelligent, that they are worth listening to.”

I can tell you this. I can tell you everything you wish.”

I want it to be someone else.”

Shadows entered the room and the door closed. Shadows of strangers, of migratory birds, of spring flowers, shadows of dreams about the future were fluttering in the darkness of the room. I could hear my heartbeat and hers.

I am not sure if I know what I actually want.”

I am not sure if I know who I am, what I am.”

Sometimes, I have this feeling in my heart that I am ‘me’, just ‘me’. But ‘me’ changes in each breath I take. My past swirls around me like a thick fog. The fog is so thick that it blurs my view. Everything I see, I see through it.  And each time I see something, it’s different.  And ‘me’ is different. Sometimes, she is strong and sometimes she is weak. She is fragile, broken. She is exhausted. She has a brave heart though, I know it because it’s mine. She is a dreamer. She wants opposite things at the same time. She is human. Perhaps, she would like to be a pine tree in a vast forest, that in winter and in summer, under snow and under sunlight, never loses its leaves.”

“ ‘Me’ changes.  Blurry images of the past with coffee stains and tears change. The present changes.”

I am the chaser of chimeras in autumn, which has finally come.”

Do you believe in illusions? Because I don’t. Because I don’t believe in reality.”

Do you believe in contradictions? Because I don’t. Because things that contradict are just things, of which some people denied the coexistence, that, however, complete each other.”

Often, I feel drowned in my contradictions. Although it may sound scary, it’s also calming. It’s like finding nowhere to hide under summer rain, being cold but alive, regretting your loneliness but seeing others getting covered in rain drops just like you.”

She laughed. For the first time since we had been together.

Her voice was sweet, like a chamomile. I noticed that I was sleepy.

We live in our contradictions. They are dolorous, torturing us.  At the same time, they complete us, even though we may not always see it clearly.  Isn’t life itself contradictory? We say that it’s real but it could be a dream, and sometimes I feel it is. And isn’t this the mystery of life that for centuries the human reason has been trying to understand?”

In the darkness of the room, I couldn’t know if my eyelids were open or closed.

I couldn’t know if she was still there, in the silence.

Virtual or Reality

Bernadett Sági

Our world is way different from the world my grandparents lived in. The Big Change happened in those years when my parents were born. They don’t really remember what life was like before. The children born after them don’t even know as much as they do. The whole world changed, and everybody’s life turned to its opposite. It was a new technological invention that caused it. It looks like a contact lens, but you can’t just take it out or put it in. We got it when we were born, and everybody has one in their left eye. It’s invisible if you look at someone; people can see only their own lenses. My grandfather says that it looks like when you play a video game and you are the character in it. You have a tab or whatever floating on your side. In this tab a lot of ‘buttons’ appear with different names on them, and you can choose where you want to go. For example, if you select the one with the word ‘plaza’ on it, you can go to the biggest plaza you’ve ever seen. It’s not real, so we are not teleporting or anything like that. It’s more like a virtual world. We are in our body, doing everything we want. We are not controlled. There’s no difference between reality and these worlds, but you can tell which is the ‘original’ one; you can feel it, but it is really hard to decide. The tab does not disturb your eyesight, because you can swipe it away by only thinking of it. You control it with your brain and your thoughts. How cool is that!

I don’t really understand how anybody could live without the lens. It makes our life easier, and that’s what the State wanted too: to make our lives more comfortable. There are worlds for having fun and worlds with different landscapes. You can go from one to another easily and fast. Of course, you can also go to these places without using your lens, but who would do that? It takes more time and effort; because of this, people don’t travel anymore. With my friends Ryan and Beth we always meet in these virtual places when we are not at school. Ryan is more outgoing than Beth and me. He enjoys jumping between worlds very much and always invites us too. People who are older rarely use it and say that it’s useless and stupid. They think it’s pointless, and they rebelled many times when the lenses were invented. They said that it controls and brainwashes us. I didn’t believe them. I also heard that a lot of people went crazy at the beginning. They didn’t know which was the real world and which was the virtual. I always thought that these were just made-up tales that my grandpa told me, because he was against the lenses and the State because it invented it. You can’t die in virtual worlds, so when you jump off of a cliff or even drive into a wall with a car, you don’t have to worry about what will happen to you. But luckily you’re not doing it in your original world.

The days went on, and I didn’t see either Ryan or Beth for a long time because we were on school break. A lot of new worlds were created, and I tried a few of them and found a new favorite. I was there with my mom. This is a world where it is always summer; there are festivals and beaches, swimming pools and aquaparks everywhere you go. There are booths where you can buy ice cream, snacks and anything you want. There are colorful beach umbrellas standing in the sand. I enjoyed being there, especially because it was fall and I don’t really like that time of year.

Soon the break was over, and we went back to school. Everything was ordinary. One day I was talking with Beth in front of the school when Ryan came along. He stopped next to us, said hello. He was a bit strange, constantly looking around. He said that he was busy, so he went toward the school.  We didn’t worry about his being different. Maybe he had just had a very strange school break. We didn’t see him for the rest of the day. The next morning when I went to school, I saw something strange on the roof. I didn’t recognize it at first, but it was a person standing there. It wasn’t just a random person; it was Ryan. I ran to the door and opened it as fast as I could. I ran upstairs, went up to the roof. Ryan was in front of me. He noticed me and turned around. He was smiling, but I didn’t know why. I couldn’t think of anything but to stop him from what he was going to do.

“Ryan, what are you doing here?” I asked. He was still smiling when he answered.

“Just trying something new. I have always wanted to know how crazy it feels,” he said and turned back.

“Ryan, don’t! It’s a really bad idea. What are you thinking?” I asked him. I was really confused. I didn’t know why he was doing that. He didn’t seem sad or anything.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be okay,” he said and jumped into the nothing. I was standing there and didn’t really know what I saw. I was shocked and probably not moving for minutes, just looking at the point where Ryan had been standing a few moments ago. The next minutes or hours—I don’t know how much time passed—were very hazy. My next clear memory is of sitting on my bed. So here I am, staring at the wall and thinking about what was happening. Ryan. He jumped off the roof. But why? He had no reason to do it. Then I realized why he was weird and why he did what he did. He thought that he was still in a virtual world. Everything my grandpa told me was true. Everything. And I didn’t believe him. But now … now I do. I believe everything. The lenses are not for us; they are against us. They control us even if we don’t feel it. The State is lying to us. They say that they want us to live an easy life. But it’s not the truth; they don’t want us to live a normal life. They did this to Ryan. My train of thoughts was interrupted by the pain I felt when I ripped my contact lens out.

Bringing Dragons to Life

Lilla Kassai

Have you ever wanted to own a dragon? Are you a fan of Eragon, Game of Thrones, or How To Train Your Dragon? Do you like magical fantasy books, or fantasy worlds with all types of mythical creatures? Now, it’s possible even to own them, because now, dragons are real.

The process of bringing them to reality was extremely long, and criticized by  GreenPeace activists. It was a mutation between lizards, iguanas, geckos and various sizes of bats. Since only bats have wings made out of leather that could possibly look good on a dragon, scientists made a fetus out of a regular bat’s and a Armadillo lizard’s genes.  

The results weren’t the same, as we originally expected: the first few fetuses weren’t capable of living, but later on, they became stronger and stronger. The first dragons that could use their wings for flying were approximately the 20th experimental fetuses. As they grew older, a few more problems occurred: they weren’t capable of reproduction, so their offspring were still made in incubators.

The thirtieth generation of the experimental dragons was the first that finally became fertile and could use their wings for flying. The first dragons that could be kept in a household were finally circulating on the common market, as pets. But the dragon fans wanted more: bigger dragons that could be ridden.

The scientists accepted their challenge: they took a few hundred of the dragon prototypes and brought them into the laboratory again, where the new mixing of the genes began: the genes of a dragon mixed with the genes of varanus and crocodile, to make them grow bigger with stronger and thicker skin.

The first experimental fetuses weren’t the best ones: their wings were too small to bear the weight of the bigger dragons, so they tried again with the bats, but even the biggest species didn’t have wings big enough to enable the new mutant to fly. The final solution seemed to be the genes of a dinosaur, more specifically a Pteranodon. The result was better than the expectation. The new prototypes of dragons were bigger and could fly and reproduce, so their offspring could give better genes for the next mutation with the smaller species of dragons. After mixing their genes, and adding some pigments to them, they started to form different subspecies. To make the evolutionary process faster, the scientists started to make artificial dragon babies, because the mutants, who were now finished, weren’t as prolific as desired.

As soon as the dragons were ready, they were out on the market, but the big ones were extremely expensive and required lots of space, so they were given to farmers, who started breeding them in open air, where the animals were a lot happier than in a science lab.

A few of them still escaped. They mainly flew to mountain forests in the North, where their thick skin protected them from the cold. They lived in the mountains of Siberia, where you can rarely find a human. Just the raw savage and endless forest.

Stronger Links

Deniz Pala

Dear Mum and Dad,

I need money.

I’m sorry for the lack of communication ever since my arrival at this fancy boarding school. The honest truth is I haven’t been adjusting well and was embarrassed to tell you all about it, especially my academic performance, considering how much you value it. The classwork is very difficult here and I felt like despite being the hardest working person I saw, I always ended up with the lowest grades. Well, I’m writing to you now because I figured out how that happened.

Thanks to my drawing skills and a group project in arts class, I ended up being invited to the dorm room of a girl in my class named Alyssa. Her roommate Becca was also there, studying by reading her textbook aloud while were drawing on Alyssa’s side of the room. About half an hour in, I spotted Becca pulling out a diffuser. I didn’t see what she put in it, but was excited for the room to smell a bit nicer, if I’m being honest. 

Skip forward half an hour, the room smelled worse, when Becca suddenly called out my name to ask me… to describe the relationship between appearance and reality as described by Pluto, Russell and Descartes. And I started answering.

As you know, I don’t take philosophy. I don’t like philosophy. I could’ve sworn I had never heard those names before, let alone their ideas. And yet there I was going on about them with all the details, like I was… reading from a textbook.

After having a good long laugh, thanks to whatever facial expressions I was pulling, they explained it all to me.

What Becca put in wasn’t an essential oil, it was the voice recording she made while reading her textbook. The “diffuser” converted the sound into a smell. The sense with the weakest link to memory to the one with the strongest. That’s why they simply called it a “converter.” Two men made it for their son who had a condition that made it especially difficult for him to memorize things for school. When he started at this school, the other parents tracked the diffusers down and pushed until they began mass-producing them. Although knowledge of this product stayed within a very elite group of people, the two men became rich, and the school the hardest in the country, as the students just kept getting good grades no matter how much more material the school put in the curriculum.

And that is why I need money, and lots of it, if you insist on keeping me at this school.

With sincere appreciation,

Your lovely daughter Max


Ahmet Yavuz Kaya

It’s a story about a crazy scientist grandfather and Jimmy, his grandchild.

Jimmy: Grandpa! Please do my science homework!

Grandpa: Jimmy, how many times do I have to tell you? Don’t enter my workshop without my permission. I almost broke my new invention.

Jimmy: What is that helmet, Grandpa? It looks like a coke box on a helmet.

Grandpa: Well, I call It Muter3000. In a simple way, it’s something like a real-life mute, like you young people do on social media, but if I have to explain in a more scientific way—

Jimmy: No, I don’t need to know any more.

Grandpa: Aaa! You younglings’ impatience has made me a misanthrope! At least listen to what you asked for.

Jimmy: Fine…

Grandpa: Then, it propagates waves in a 10-meter radius to people’s brains in that area and prevents their brain’s communication and pattern recognition areas from making any movement or contact related to the person who wears it. So I don’t have to deal with people when I am not in a good mood.

Jimmy: But if there are some  people whom I want to exclude from the blocking, what will happen?

Grandpa: Did you really think that I never thought of that? Well, Jimmy, as you said before, that part which resembles the “coke box,” it’s a biological filter that you have to put something into, like a few hair strands, etc. For example, if Nietzsche were resurrected somehow with science, and if I put in the filter some piece of his cool mustache that was stolen from his coffin, I would be able to communicate with him even if I were wearing Muter3000.

Jimmy: Who is Nietzsche, anyway? Never mind, drop it. How did this Muter3000 come into your mind?

Grandpa: Oh, you will see. (He wears the Muter3000 and starts walking toward the door.)

Jimmy: Hey! I thought  you would do my ho— (Jimmy is stunned; he can’t move or appeal to his grandpa.)

At the front of the door, Grandpa smiles and says:

See you later Jimmy, Do your homework by yourself.

Salvation or the End

Kázmér Kaposvári

Our story begins in the twenty-first century: to be exact, in 2044, where we humans have extended our discovery of horizon to the sky. We have built efficient ships capable of bringing people to other planets.

The only planet we have ventured to so far is Planet Mars, as this seemed to be the best one to conquer because of its similarities to Earth. Because of the vast environment, we have only built homes, habitats, and domes underground. This process took an immense amount of money, resources, and energy. Mostly scientists are living there so far and are constantly battling the problems of the unpredictable red planet, such as the sandstorms that can block light, thus preventing it from reaching the solar panels. For this, small nuclear energy generators are used, but they are not for all eternity, as the storm can even stay on the whole planet for months and, very rarely, years.

A new ship was about to land on one of the landing pads: a small team of scientists was to arrive from a nearly six-month journey in space from Earth. This small team included Jackie, Bill, and Robert. During the long trip, they discussed all the problems and difficulties of space travel: loss of muscle mass, their lack of personal belongings from home, homesickness, the awful solution for toilet usage. They also agreed that the journey they were taking was really the future, but here it took such a long time for everything to happen. Even on the Mars base they could only send short messages and videos back to Earth, and depending on the current orbit of Mars and Earth, it could take hours to get a response from the home planet. This small team of three were technicians whose job was mainly to repair electronics. A few weeks later, a disaster struck the Mars base. The dome where the fruits and vegetables were planted and harvested in quite a great number, had an attack by an unknown disease, and most of the greenery died out. The base had only fifty people at that point, yet a mass destruction of plants like this would have an influence on the overall food supply. The reserved food was estimated to be enough for three weeks, and then slowly all that remained would be consumed until it was all gone.

The morale of the society was disturbed deeply, though everyone knew that the moment they set foot on the ship on Earth, there was no guarantee that they would ever return in one piece. Jackie and his friends were here for only a few weeks, and they already felt the death that was just waiting for them. They also knew that the main problem here was: the time of transportation. Unfortunately, they could not wait for another ship with supplies, as it was many months away. Everyone was trying their best to fix the crisis, but as the days went by, the nights got more difficult to sleep through.

One night the three friends were fixing the long-range transponder system, and they suddenly received a strange transmission from an unknown location from space. It seemed this came from the uncharted regions in the universe. This message they accidently received was more like an instruction for a technology yet to be discovered. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, they were able at least to translate and understand what it was about. Jackie immediately realised that this was the key to the problem. The plans they were seeing were for a strange gate: more exactly, two individual gates connected by a strange phenomenon they did not understand. These gates were able to transport matter from one place to the other in no time. They shared the news with the rest of the base, but as expected, not everyone was pleased by this great plan. Some thought this alien tech was here for a reason and maybe to destroy us. As no one had a better idea and time was running out, they started to build it. Luckily, there were many resources for building, as Jackie’s team, when they arrived, brought some supplies. The plans were also sent to Earth, and the construction has begun.

In a few days after the exhausting hard hours were behind them, it was ready; the only step was just to insert the code provided in the plans for connection. The moment of the new era of space travel stood before them, and they were only a press of a button away from unleashing the great changes of the future, as they all knew what this discovery would do. After activation, just as if through a window, they could see their fellow friends on the other side of the gate. It worked like a simple gate, and they could easily hop from Mars to Earth and vice versa. Jackie and his team received a Nobel prize for their discovery for saving the people on the base, but they were never allowed to speak of the signal they received, nor of anything regarding that matter.

The three friends were rich, but they also wondered what they had brought upon humanity: a bright future, or the end of their civilization by another one.

In an Arm’s Reach

Gergely Sülye

What is the end-goal of being a human? To live a fulfilling life? To indulge in pleasure? To leave behind a legacy so great that it will be remembered for millennia? The common answer would be that it is all subjective, and our purpose is to find out what we want to do. But we believe there is a unified upper limit to what a person can accomplish in a lifetime, and this destiny is by nature something that every creature strives to achieve. Some may consider it forbidden or blasphemous, but in the end the arms race of humanity is to surpass, or even become, god itself.

Of course this is nearly impossible by conventional means, unless we move the goalpost and redefine what a god is. The ability to do anything, anywhere, and by any means would be enough to make an entity the supreme lifeform in the entire universe. And it just so happens that this doesn’t have to be our own plane of existence. After all, creating a new dimension from scratch is something that should be very well within the capabilities of a god. All of this is in an arm’s reach.

Introducing the means to become the god of your very own world inside the most high-tech commercially available supercomputers. The development of these machines has been completely perfected by artificial intelligence, to the point where even if we simulate a higher intelligence inside of these computers (which, by the way, the user can also do), it won’t be able to produce a higher-performing alternative. Thanks to the revolutionary customer-friendly user interface, anyone can create anything simply by thinking about it.

Want to simulate the real world? Well, not sure why anyone would want to do that, but it is possible! But if you happen to want to alter this copy of the real world to your liking, you can go right ahead!

Perhaps you want to simulate a completely different world of fantasy or an alternate history? It is all possible! Have real relationships, interact with real people, beings, animals, incomprehensible cosmic horrors, anything you can imagine!

And if you somehow run out of imagination, you can try out our marketplace with pre-made situations, worlds, characters, and all kinds of assets produced by our professional staff, updated with fresh content every weekday!

Other alternatives are available, but for full immersion it is required to have a full-interface brain implant to establish the best possible connection between the user and their world. Classes containing information about customer safety procedures are required by law to be taken before usage.

Innovating the future.