The Hawaiian Love Story

Viktória Kamarás

There was a girl with wavy black hair and brown skin. She was very pretty and had the perfect life, and also a pig. This pig was two months old, with brown spots on its body and a curly tail.

One day she went to school and saw a very sympathetic boy there. They had the same instrument class together, and he played guitar while she played ukulele.On the next day she was practicing ukulele along the river when the boy appeared and sat next to her. She was embarrassed and shy; the boy fell in love with her and talked about his life and what was happening around him. The girl listened to him actively and was a part of the conversation. She found out that he also had a pig, similar to the girl’s. At the end of the school year they went to each other’s house to celebrate the year with some brown-sugar-grilled pineapple. They had a great time together chatting, eating and laughing. Together they played with their pigs and also became friends.

One day the boy went to the girl’s hut and spilled his feelings and told her that he loved her more than a friend. And the girl felt the same way, so they told their parents and they agreed too. They got married on a pineapple field because when they were children they used to eat pineapple together. The wedding cake was pineapple flavored. Later they had two children and a pig.

They have been in a healthy marriage ever since then, and they are very happy.