Building Blocks

Zalán Kaposvári

From a young age, I have been captivated by the power of engineering to shape the world around us. When I am surrounded by a nature-like, peaceful environment, with no one bothering me, I like to contemplate on things and thoughts I have collected during the day, but sometimes even some memories from my young ages. When I was young, I was always interested in a pretty large question: How do things work? So I was determined to find proper answers to this question. There were a lot of times I attempted especially to understand the way some ”mechanical wonders” worked. Honestly, I have to admit, it was not an easy ”job,” as none of them was as easy to understand as I thought. Due to my lack of knowledge, I have decided to follow the way which can help me immerse myself in the complicated world of engineering.

I would like to explain this valuable—and at the same time memorable—memory of mine. Its beginning can be traced back to the old times, when I was quite young and had plenty of time to spend. In those days I loved creating new things, especially buildings, instead of destroying them, as unfortunately I also experienced the pain of seeing a day’s work being destroyed (in my case by my brother). Thus I hopefully learned that nothing is as easy as it first seems or it is thought. So in the knowledge of these facts, I built and even rebuilt a construction. One day a small and simplified version of a space station could be seen in my room, and on the next day it was reborn as a school. Of course neither of them could be considered as an expert’s work. Nonetheless, I cared about them and respected them that way. For this reason everyone in my family knew that I was crazy about this kind of activity, so when we invited other members of our family for a special event regarding me, they all could surprise me with new sets of building blocks. It was the beginning of my passion that drove me onto this road.

Throughout high school, I eagerly pursued opportunities to explore various branches of engineering. I paid attention to every Maths lesson and also the ones related to nature and science, especially Physics. This aided me on my journey to discover and understand more complex forms of engineering. These experiences have also reinforced my passion for engineering and affirmed my desire to become a well-trained constructor. In conclusion, most of the time I wonder what breathtaking buildings people can ”give birth to.” Considering this, I am confident that an education at a technical college will provide the ideal platform to nurture my skills, expand my horizons, and empower me to engineer a better future.