Artistic Travel

Eszter Aletta Hevesi

In the past few years traveling has been a tricky topic for everyone, considering the appearance of COVID-19. Everyone was ordered to be in lockdown, and the only place you could be was your own house and maybe some shops. For some people, the absence of traveling in their life was a huge pain, just as for me. So I asked myself: how can I still see other countries without leaving my house? At last I arrived at the solution of art.

If a person is taken away from their usual place to a dark room while they sleep, they will have no way of telling where they are. So I used this method to have a world tour in a week, without leaving our house. I slept through the night, and from the beginning of the day I listened to the music of that culture, ate traditional foods, and also played videos showing the landscape of the given country or region. Also, an important thing to mention was that I left my phone behind as much as I possibly could. It was the best decision of my life. I traveled a lot during my life but I think I succeeded the best in capturing the culture of countries when I was at home completely surrounded by them. You don’t need to travel away from your home to experience other cultures; you just need to step away from social media and dive into the different aspects of the country’s art.