How to Become Rich

(a story-play)

Fanni Korpás

Once upon a time two cats were swimming in debt. They didn’t have enough money to pay the bills but didn’t want to go to work. They just sat in their house and waited for a miracle. At first they thought their situation was hopeless. While they were watching the news, suddenly something caught their eye. The reporter said:

“This week the Anaconda Museum sent the word’s biggest diamond to our museum. Our mayor thinks we are the safest city and the diamond is in the best place. We will take the necessary precautions. There will be no way that anyone can steal it.”

The two kittens looked at each other. They were thinking the same thing. This was their big chance. It would be the best robbery of their life. They could be rich. This is how Tim and Tom decided that to steal this diamond. While Tom went to the shop, Tim planned.

“What do you think about my plan?”

“Not bad, not bad. But I think we have to enter through two ways.”

“Okay, then. What is your idea?”

“I think one of us has to go in the back door, and the other one has to enter the room from the top of the building.”

“Isn’t that a little bit dangerous?”

“No. This is the best plan.”

“Okay, okay. But what we will do with the chocolate? Why did you buy it? Do we need it for the robbery or what?”

“I am hungry.”

“But we have pasta and meat and bread and…”

“The chocolate gives me power!”

“Do you know how many bills we have?”

“We will have so much money, so why not?”

“Okay. You are right.”

At 22:00 Tim and Tom headed off to the museum. Tim went by bus, Tom by bicycle. They arrived there at the same time. Tim used his rope to get up to the top of the museum. Luckily there were no guards. He moved towards the back door and waited for his friend’s call. When Tom got off the bus, he started to search for the back door.He found it, but there were two guards.

“Tim! Are you there?”

“Yes. Where are you?”

“Near the back door. Can you help me?”

“Of course. I thought you would call me up becouse of this.”

Tim pulled his gun out of his holster.

“Tim? Are you still there?”

“Yes, calm down. I will shoot the man, and you will shoot the woman.”


Both of them started shooting, as only cats can do.

“Tom? Are you all right?”

“Yes. I’m going in.”

There were so many beautiful paintings on this room and only only one guard. The museum staff had put the diamond near this room.

“Hey Tom! What’s up?”

“There is only one guard near the room where the diamond is kept.”

“Do I have to help you?”

“No. I can do it by myself.”

Tom had a plan. There was lots of furniture in the room. He saw five pieces in his way. The guard was very tired and sometimes closed his eyes. When he did it, Tom ran under the first sofa. Then the second, and the third. He continued until he reached the last one. Then he shot the guard with his gun. Then he opened the door and looked around the room. There was nobody, just the diamond.

“Hey Tim! I am in the room.”

“How many guards do you see?”

“No one.”


“There is nobody. It is really scary.”

“Well, anyhow, I’m throwing the rope.”


As soon as Tom touched the diamond, the alarm sounded. Tom tied up the diamond quickly.

“Tom, jump onto the rope with the diamond! Our helicopter is there, and it will pull you and the diamond up!”

They went away with the diamond to Japan and ended up very rich.