An Extraordinary Finding

Áron Kaposvári

The Varga student’s room was in darkness. Suddenly the clock rang and he woke up. Then John got out of bed, brushed his teeth, and had his usual and boring breakfast. He got dressed, put on his spacesuit, and hurried to school. It took him about ten minutes to walk to school on the barren surface of the Earth. He put his unnecessary things into his locker and rushed to his first class because he was nearly late. The first few lessons were uneventful. But when the long break came, he saw a door in a quite hidden area. His curiosity grew so big that he felt he had to go in and explore what it was hiding. However, he decided to invite his friends on this adventure. They gathered at the mysterious door and went in, as there was nobody around. It was some kind of storage room with a big mess. They found mostly old things. At one point John tried to look through the only (and small) window, but it was too high. Luckily one of them found a ladder. John climbed up, but when he reached the top, he was amazed: there was a strange object that he had never seen before. Its color was unlike anything else. Its shape, too, was different from everything. For some reason, looking at it calmed him down. The strangest thing of all was that it spread out of its container. He carefully brought this thing down to show it to his friends. They couldn’t figure out what it was or its purpose and usage. Anyway, they decided to leave it there, but after the last lesson, John went back and took it home, thinking its green color would fit his room perfectly as a decoration. Nobody noticed him until his parents went in his room to ask how his day had gone. When they saw that completely extraordinary thing, they were shocked. The student felt like a hero for finding something that no one knew or understood. Together they decided to look into it. They found out that it was called a plant and was an element of “nature.” One of its main functions was that it generated oxygen. After this information search, the rest of the evening went like any other. Finally, John went to bed after his great exploration and adventure.