About the Contributors

Áron Antal likes to spend his time in nature and in the bordering land around his town; interested in old machinery, cars and motorcycles especially, and things from the mid-nineteenth century to the 90s, as well as the lifestyle of that era, he is trying to include these in his stories and build them a plot, an important role.

Szabina Tamara Da Cunha Carvalho is a student in Class 11.C who really enjoys writing about interesting topics, especially when it comes to giving an opinion. 

Dávid Csáki is just a gamer who decided to write a story.

Zoltán Fekete: If you let silence guide you, you unlock your full potential.

Lili Forgács is a fifteen-year-old girl with an enormous heart and even larger dreams.

Lili Galics hopes you shine, lil sweetie.

My name is Hunor Gangel and I am just a normal high school student.

Zsófia Gávris is a fifteen-year-old girl from Szolnok who sees the positive side of everything and works hard toward her goals.

Eszter Aletta Hevesi is from Törökszentmiklós.

Kázmér Kaposvári: I would say I am rather creative and have ideas, but most important of all, I create something out of those ideas.

Lilla Kassai is a bit of a weird girl who loves dark and morbid jokes and is not afraid of telling them to people like you.

Tamás Kertész: How is a picture made? “From Light comes Darkness, and from Darkness – Light!” It is that simple. (Quote from: Alodi; Warcraft: The Beginning)

Attila Marcell Kiss was born in Szolnok.

Dániel Lipcsei is a folk dancer in two ensembles, Rákóczi Néptáncetyüttes—Rákóczifalva and Tisza Táncegyüttes, and a member of Class 11.C at the Varga Katalin Gimnázium.

Anna Mészáros is an overthinker, especially when you ask her about her bio.

I am Adél Mihályi, and I am not good at speaking, so I write.

Zalán Molnár: Making history.

Dávid Preller is too boring to answer with something funny.

My name is Bernadett Sági and I am so excited, because this is the first time that my work has been published on the internet.

According to Gergely Sülye, the quarantine of 2020 is something you can conveniently use for some serious self-improvement at home.

(Alexandra) Süveges clapped you.

I am Gréta Tóth and I like to express my opinions through writing.

Dorottya Turza: I’m like a book you have to read. A book can’t read itself to you. It doesn’t even know what it’s about.