Challenge Upon Challenge

Zsombor Górán

I have always loved to play games since the moment I saw them. They can allow you to do whatever you wish: fight Darth Vader, build the biggest castle you have imagined, be the best assassin in history, rob the bank and escape from the law, or just relax by farming potatoes. Games offer me freedom that is hard to feel in real life. The monotony of life can be so tiring, but in games you have no responsibilities and no rules to follow. They give me a choice to do things I would never do in real life. It is a world of imagination that I can control.

Life is similar sometimes; for me it feels like a path composed of small challenges or problems to face. Go to kindergarten, then to elementary school, then high school, and now college. This is the place where I stand at the moment. This is not the first challenge I have had to overcome, and it won’t be the last. If I fail, I will try another way until the challenge is complete. I have a lot of small challenges to complete on my own, from getting up in the morning to  getting into a college.

I usually play in teams with my friends or just random people. If I can, I take the role of the team leader and try to organize the team so we can work together efficiently. If the team has better leaders than I, I let them organize the team and follow their plans. I usually like to plan out everything and minimise the chance of failure; so far I have been mostly successful at this. I really like to learn everything a game can offer me if I find it interesting. I will try to do approach college in the same spirit. After college I plan to continue playing and might even create games of my own. If I get there, the possibilities will be endless. But in order to achieve this I need your help. If I could get accepted into this institution, it would mean the world to me, and everything leading up to this moment would be worth it.