Am I Special?

Dominik Nemcsok

I am not special, or am I? According to my knowledge, in a college application essay, among several requirements, I should show what makes me “special” and what makes me stand out from the crowd of talented applicants all hoping to get into this university. Throughout my life, I have encountered numerous people who stated that no one is truly special. I admit that for a while I thought the same because their logical arguments convinced me as well. But one evening something changed.

It was a chilly winter evening; it was snowing outside, and I was having a battle in my mind over whether one could be special or not. I pictured a situation of two philosophers having a discussion on a stage. Argument came after argument and at first, I could not settle with either side.

I was sure about the fact that everybody is unique biologically, but then I thought that just about anyone could have done the things that I did if they had wanted to. I began looking over my life. I remembered how I read laws almost every time someone upsets me, trying to find a reason to sue them. Of course, I would never press charges or do anything serious in these cases, but regardless, it helps me calm down. I recalled the times when I reminded myself of an old person, going to the market, then cooking and sometimes even gossiping with my friends. I thought of the time when I was walking in a big city, listening to my favorite song, sipping my tea and feeling like I was the main character of a film.

It finally hit me: I figured out that it does not matter at all how special I am. Yes, the odds are negligibly low that there is anyone just like me, although there might be someone quite similar, but everyone is the star of their own “movie.” Every mistake, decision I make is part of my own “film,” and it is my responsibility to make it as good and impactful as possible. I decided a long time ago that I should be the best version of myself no matter what the circumstances. As I think about the journey of my life up to this point, I realize that I have always been curious and wanted to learn even more. The process of studying is joyful to me, since I know that after it, I will be somewhat more than I was before. So, to address my original question, I might not be particularly special, yet I know that I could achieve remarkable success in terms of my academic studies at this university.