Turning Things Around

Viktória Wilujeng Botka

It’s funny how I never seem to be able to talk about myself when people ask me to introduce myself, or explain why I am the way I am. It’s almost as if I was created yesterday, and hadn’t had enough time to learn about myself, or maybe it’s the way I drastically change, my personality, hobbies, resulting in me having too much to say about myself, and nothing.

I feel like so much has changed since when I was a little girl, innocent, always full of dreams to achieve, always excited to get up for the next day and never worrying about anyone or anything. I remember when my teachers always said that I was imaginative and creative,  and how they would get irritated every time I zoned out or daydreamed during lessons. My favorite subject used to be English Grammar, and my first dream job was to be a grammar teacher, mainly because I really liked my English teacher and she inspired me to be someone like her.

My dreams and goals change constantly, I was motivated and confident. Every time I got new ideas, they get harder and harder to achieve, especially because I lost interest in them quickly and found something new to focus on. I’ve dreamt of being a scuba diver, a vet, a marine biologist, a private math tutor, and the list goes on. I think that it all probably ended around sixth grade. I lost my confidence, my motivation, gave up on my dreams and really didn’t want to do anything anymore. And just as I lost my talents and A grades in subjects, I lost interest in life.

I’m never really sure why I stopped. All I knew was that the world was too cruel. People were selfish and unkind; to each other, to animals, to the environment, to mother nature. I hated the way everyone rarely cared about important things, the way they always prioritize themselves, the way they think the world revolves around them. People burn forests, throw plastics and chemicals into the ocean, causing global warming and climate change, testing makeup on animals, etc. I want to stop them; I can’t just sit and watch as people hurt the Earth with their selfish actions. I need to interfere, I never cared about the wrong things people do, as long as I don’t do the same things, but I’ve realized that doing nothing to stop these actions is just as bad as doing them. I’ve decided that I will try to make this world a better place, where animals aren’t harmed, making sure that every single animal species can live peacefully in their natural habitats.  To achieve that, I will need the help of the whole Earth’s population, and most importantly, a good college that will allow me to get a proper education, and that’s why I spent these three hours writing this essay; to get accepted to your college.