Pink Clouds

Lili Dorottya Galics

You see him or her somewhere, maybe you think he or she is sympathetic or whatever. You introduce yourselves to each other; this is followed by a common and awkward conversation mainly about nothing, but that nothing is something. Both of you feel that something that you want to continue, mayhaps there could be more in it. Slowly a never-ending story starts, including talking to each other 0-24, sharing every inessential moment in your day, time travelling in both of your pasts and future dreams. These conversations and this time period feels amazing, but in many cases people do not show their real faces. Most of their behaviour is just excellent acts and colourful pretty coated lies. In turn, at this point you have totally fallen in love with each other, you got in a relationship. You love and also you feel loved, but love is never this easy to understand. The pink clouds disappear with time, now you know every habit, small signs and the real love language of the other person. From now on you can go through many many doors, each one bringing unforgettable memories, but walls could come up against you. You decide that you break into them and see doors again together, or you let the walls stop you and the never-ending story comes to an end.