It Started with the Ants

Áron Kaposvári

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the wonders of the natural world. Although I did not understand how the world works, I preferred to let myself be immersed into some “detailed” observations of living organisms and other wonders of the world. Without any exceptions I enjoyed all of them, from a butterfly’s wings to the behaviour of ant colonies or the nature of bees.

I think everything started with the ants. When I was five years old, I once decided to go out into our garden for some fresh air. I was playing when I suddenly discovered a huge colony of ants. At first sight at that age it was only a big black spot on the ground made up of small and tiny moving dots, not just some, but hundreds and thousands. I gave them a closer look. As I was watching them, they completely occupied my mind: how they collected the many kinds of food they found all around their anthill. The weather was getting worse and worse: the wind was blowing stronger, the sky was quickly filling up with dark clouds along with their terrible sounds, but I wasn’t scared at all, since I was immersed in this curious phenomenon which was new to me and my knowledge. The storm was getting more and more dangerous. My mother looked at me through the window, confused, thinking of what I was doing, and also worried because of the storm. So she took me into the house, despite the fact that I tried to resist, since I didn’t want to leave the new part of nature I had discovered and the opportunity of observations. This experience drove me to the desire to improve my passion towards science. I believe that it aroused my passion and curiosity for scientific exploration.

Now during my secondary school studies I can gain the knowledge needed for awakening my true desire regarding Biology. I have decided to pay attention to almost every detail that is mentioned during the many lessons of the natural sciences, which include the subjects of life: Biology; Chemistry, Physics, etc. My future plan is to go to university to improve my knowledge. We must save and protect our environment, as nowadays many dangers threaten our world. In conclusion, I hope that this college application essay shows my deep passion for scientific exploration and my desire to become part of a community that values innovation and intellectual curiosity.