To Make the Planet Flourish

Zalán Kaposvári

It was early morning when Dave’s sleep was stopped by his alarm clock. However, it was worth waking up, because it was a special day. The head teacher of his class, at the Varga Secondary School, had just decided and also announced that all their classes would be cancelled, and instead they would pay a visit to the brand-new Nature Preservation Museum of Szolnok. There, people who work to preserve nature collect samples from all over the world and from all habitats, and try to place them in locations where all people can view and examine them. All inhabitants of the planet Earth should see what kind of environment their ancestors lived in. So… finally he had a chance to get to know these unique creatures. After quite a long time, he learned about all the plants. He previously thought he knew everything about plants, but he was not right. As he was delightedly exploring the extremely large variety of fascinating bright green vegetation, suddenly he found himself facing an exceptionally unique species. These weren’t at all similar to most of the others he had seen before. Actually, they resembled miniature skyscrapers with a cloud at the top. Yet the colors were different: the skyscraper was brown, and the cloud was green. Moreover, there were some quite strange objects hanging from the cloud, as a part of the plant. They seemed exactly identical, and all of them were bright red. Dave was trying to guess what this object was for. However, he had absolutely no idea of its function. Suddenly he realized that human blood was red, which led him to an idea.

So, because of their color, they might have represented the blood of their “parent,” their brownish “mother” plant. He knew that flowers wanted their pollen, their small “seeds,” to be spread out, which would also grow a fruit. At the end of his thoughts, the larger plant gives its own blood to make the planet flourish with its own kind.