One Step Closer

Attila Nagy

On the beginning of a great summer day, back in late July, when everything went perfectly right.

The day started with a breakfast with my nuclear family. Father and I made scrambled eggs, while mother was setting the table. The table got ready, the food was served. We started eating. This is a typical start of any day in summer break. The meal matters not only because of the food, but because of the well-spent time with my loved ones, even if it’s only a breakfast. Speaking about my feelings, sharing my experiences and just enjoying this period. They are the people I can fully rely on, never get disappointed by, and always listen to. In my opinion, you can learn something new every day. It may be a new person in your life, or just simple information about your favourite actor.

The day continued at the local swimming pool. We usually start the morning swim practice early, but in the summer break it starts at 10 o’clock. I have been swimming since first grade, when my mother enrolled me for practice. I immediately fell in love with swimming. Not only for its physical health benefits, but also for its advantages for mental health. While you are swimming, the only thing you can think of is how much practice time is left, which is funny. because those who attend training are     mostly obsessed with swimming. It can properly clear your mind. Back to the training, it went as usual. Coach told us the exercises, and we started doing them. I have two larger friend groups, one is from this sport. During practice, we all make sure to speak to each other, so we can maintain our relationships.

After training, I quickly went home to have lunch. I was riding my bicycle, when someone yelled after me. It turned out it was my friend. He just wanted to ask: ”Will you come play basketball with us?” I said of course, at least this way I have something to do in the afternoon, as my swimming training for this period was cancelled.

I had my regular nap after lunch, which plays a key role in my recreation. Resting enough makes me feel energized, so I don’t have to drink any coffee or energy drink.

The afternoon basketball is my favourite summer activity as it combines hanging out with sports. My second friend group is who I play basketball with. I really like playing team sports, as it improves my teamwork ability. Working with more people can broaden my mind and those of others as well. This activity took my energy levels down. So at the end of the day, I can say I accomplished my perfect daily routine and came one step closer to my dreams.