Are They Really Scars?

Thoughts on “The Greatest Showman”

Dominika Zahar

The Greatest Showman was filmed in 2017 under the direction of Michael Gracey. When the movie came out, I was so excited to watch it. To tell the truth, it wasn’t because of the plot or because it was a musical; it was because of Zendaya and Zac Efron. I grew up watching their shows, so it was obvious that I was going to watch this one as well. In the end I was impressed. I loved the songs, the dances, the acting – basically just the way it was made. But there was one song that really amazed me: “This is Me.” This song has a very clear message that is both understandable and relatable. Nowadays more and more people – according to my own experience, mostly teenagers – feel that they are not good enough to become something and that they have to hide and cover their scars. I love the first line in the song (“I am not a stranger to the dark”) because it represents that they have been there for so long and were still able to get out of it. That’s why the song is so powerful. Because it takes a lot of time to come out of the dark, to gain the bravery that is necessary in the “world of perfection.” This world is full of celebs, stars, models who are considered perfect, and those with low self-esteem think that they have to be them, and only then can they achieve their goals. This song can help you toward finding your place in this world. It says that no one has to apologize for who they are, no one has to hide in the dark, no one has to cover up, because everyone has a place where they are loved and welcomed. Most of us cross this path once in our lives: when we try to find ourselves and our place in the world but have to remember that we are unique because of our scars and so many people love us because of them. So I would like to ask, are they really scars? Or do we just consider them so, out of invented shame? Everyone should truly be themselves, because you never know which one of your faults will lead you to success in your life.