How to Break Out of a Dystopia, and Then Make a Utopia of It

Márk Gál

The story begins with an oligarch called Josh Merkel who was a really smart and cunning man. He was the CEO of 2 significant corporations which improved the existing technologies by making them more efficient and green. These also produced them and sold a lot of these gadgets. He always wanted to make the world a better place. But his wealth made enemies for him (even the government).

One day a car “suddenly “crashed into him. In the hospital he died, and somehow his corpse disappeared. The police started an investigation, but the whole thing was planned by the FBI. They wanted to remove him because he also influenced people on social media. He informed and explained lots of actions which are against the actual parties, political system, other billionaires, etc. This led to strikes, movements and a huge decrease in the opponents’ fame and profit. So they had to do something. There was also a project with cyborgs where a human body was needed, so he was the perfect person for this project.

The prototype was far more successful than they thought (too successful). He became much more powerful than any person existing on Earth and invented new items within hours or days, which would have taken scientists decades or centuries.  The problem was that he had self-awareness and he became radical and aggressive. Now Patient0 (or Josh) wanted to escape from there and take all the information with him. Of course the scientists and guards wanted to stop him. So he grabbed one of them and threatened the others, telling them that if they didn’t leave him alone, he would break their bones into shreds. A guard shot on his head. The bullet ricocheted from his half-meat, half–metal alloy skin. This angered him, and he broke the scientist’s neck. Soon he captured the whole area by hacking the other robots, AIs, and made the soldiers retreat. Within the next few days he acquired more modern robots and a few newly constructed planes.

After a much bigger army started coming for them, he fled with his new mates to Kamchatka.  He stole enough information to invent a virtual reality based on the same physical, chemical and biological laws on which reality is based. From this point he invented lots of new gadgets and could even try them. He ordered his mates to gather enough resources to build an underground system. Those machines chopped down many trees, mined stones and ores, and stole Russian property. From this point they had to dig down because now Russia was also against them. They dig under the asthenosphere and built an underground network, which started spreading throughout the world. The headquarters of this complex were under capitals like Washington D.C, Moscow, Berlin and Peking, so if one day they wanted to destroy the complex, their cities will collapse with it too.

After a year Patient0 had more robots than people living on Earth, a much more advanced technology where he had almost infinite resources thanks to a new recycling system, and even earned the alliance of nature. He occupied the whole Earth, since there wasn’t an army to match his. He also hijacked most of the nuclear weapons.

He wanted to create a world where everybody was equal, crime rates were low, where there were no crises, no economic problems, no lack of any resource, a place where people, nature and machines lived in harmony. But he was so brutal and caused so many people to die that everybody was against him. There were riots in every settlement, even after his reforms. Once he decided to change his methods. He beat down every revolt from this point, but things just got worse and worse. 

Once he made a virus called BH which he fully controlled, to satisfy people by controlling their brain, so they would stop revolting and everything would be fine. The problem was that he made a serious mistake and thereby eradicated humanity, but all other organisms survived. He realized that he actually had earned the opposite of what he wanted. He ordered his robots to take care of the animals and plants and neverhurt a single organism. After this he destroyed himself, because he didn’t want to exist after what he had done. Earth became a peaceful place where nature and robots live in symbiosis, where all the environmental issues have disappeared. Every species is living out its golden ages, except one: humans.