Stories by Class 9B, Section 2

Every student in the class wrote a miniature story about a funny event from real life. Then they took turns telling the stories in class (online, during one of our Google Meet sessions).

Viktória Kiss

Two years ago (before Covid), me and my mom went cycling to Martfű.The road was long and exhausting (20 kilometers). I was in the front because I was the only one who knew where to go. During the journey we got attacked by three three-legged dogs, but finally we arrived at a certain place. We were extremely sweaty; it was summer back then and I was in a shirt (because I have been taking medicine and had a light allergy). We settled down, ate, drank, etc. Thirty minutes later we dropped into a wedding ceremony; the whole bridal party was there and we were just sitting there and watching the photography. In retrospect I hope good pictures were taken.

Fanni Korpás

This funny occasion happened when I was ten years old. I liked to play football with my friend Molly. We always played it at the end of the street. There was only one house. The owner was an old woman. She was sad, angry and selfish all the time. That is why she hates when we play football in front of her house. As I remember, when I played there first, she called the police because of me. I did not really care about her, because we had nowhere to play except this court. So one day when we were playing there, we suddenly heard a strange noise from the house. At that very time I passed the ball to my friend. She was really scared because of the noise, and she just kicked the ball somewhere. You will not believe it! The ball went flying into this woman’s house and broke the window. Me and Molly ran away as fast as we could. At home we laughed about it and were happy that we could get back at her.

István Márkus

Usually funny things happen to me in the restroom. It happened once about four years ago when I was in London. I went to the restroom. I went into the toilet stall and heard a guy next to me start yelling that he was out of toilet paper.

The other story happened here in Szolnok at the mall. An old man approached the toilet stall and started yelling at a child to come out immediately as he had been in there for more than ten minutes. He yelled: “I’m going to kill you after you get out of the toilet.” Eventually, the security guards took the old man away because he was aggressive.

Richárd Münich

Last summer one day we went to the Aquapark in Cegléd with my family. One of my cousins can’t really swim, and we encouraged him to slide down one of the biggest slides. We kept telling him all day, but he didn’t want to do it. We wanted to leave at two o’clock, but before we left he decided to slide down. He climbed the stairs and started sliding. He was screaming very loudly, and all the people at the aqua park were watching him. My father recorded it, and we were laughing very hard. The rest of the day he didn’t want to talk with us, he was scared, but the next day he was thankful and happy because he did it.

Ákos Skultéti

We have a dog, Tappancs. It lived in the garden, which is next to Szolnok. My grandmother wasn’t happy when the dog had to come to the apartment. Fortunately my mother’s sister lives there nowadays and she likes Tappancs, so she permits the dog to stay in the bed. That morning was very funny when the dog jumped onto my grandmother’s bed. She screamed and ordered the dog to get off. We laughed because my grandmother was scared and very nervous.

Katalin Szabó

When we wrote our first math test at this school, one of my classmates had to give the corrected tests back to us at the beginning of the lesson, after the teacher had checked them. We didn’t really know each other’s names yet, and my classmate who gave us our tests back asked me: You are Bogi, right? I said yes. I think I woke up from a coma just then, and that’s why I didn’t know my name. When I held the test and saw the name at the top of the paper, I said: oh, I’m not Bogi. Then I gave Bogi’s test to her. Almost everyone was laughing, and the teacher said: It’s OK, Kata, it’s Monday morning. I told this story to my mother, she laughed, and she still calls me Bogikám sometimes.

Zsombor Szegedi

Once this happened on a class trip (with my old class). So we were seventh-graders when we went on a three-day class trip in June. I can’t remember most of the details. But one thing yes. One of the days we went to hike in the forest. After an hour we found a lake. The teachers sat on a bench, and we walked around the lake. We found one shallow shore on the other side. We stayed there and splashed each other. Finally one of the boys fell in the water.

Zoltán Szekér

Last Thursday, I was cycling with one of my classmates when we got hungry. We went to the store to buy carbs because it’s very important to have energy. The mission accomplished, we bought everything we needed to survive the ride, so we went to the cashier. I paid for the food and walked out of the store. My classmate called me on his phone and said in a nervous voice: Bro, Don’t joke with me!!!! Where is my wallet???? I went back and there was a long queue, the seller was angry and an old woman said: I will be late for my train. My classmate was just looking for his wallet in his bag when I touched my pocket and discovered it there. I hadn’t remembered not giving it back to him, so I thought it was in his bag. When I gave back his wallet, the laughing cashier said: Oh my god boys…

Zita Tokaji

Two years ago we had an idea to go on a vacation with a couple of friends. My family and I had already been there, so I knew it would be fun. It was a very memorable week, and there was a story we’ve been laughing about ever since.

My friend Zsizsi is a rower; that’s why we decided to rent a canoe for a day. So we got in and for a while everything went well. You need to know that my friend Lili is very scared of bees. Therefore, when a bee flew towards her, she screamed and jumped out of the boat. As she jumped out, the boat moved and overturned, and we all ended up in the river. It all happened in only one minute. We were wearing life jackets, so we weren’t scared. It was funny in itself, but by the time we were able to turn the boat back and return to the place, it was even funnier to think and talk about.

We don’t meet very often because we live far away from each other. Ever since that summer, we have been going and meeting there to have memories like this.

Sándor Tor

This story happened a few weeks ago. One of my dad’s employees was given the task of moving away a pile of earth. He brought out a wheelbarrow and began packing the construction debris. When my father saw this, he told him again that he had to move the pile.

Then he brought out a shovel and began shoveling the gravel. My dad again didn’t understand what wasn’t clear to his employee, but he told him again that he had to move the pile.

Fortunately, the third time around, he understood, but since then it hasn’t been clear what wasn’t clear for him.

Roland Tóth

So this story took place in eighth grade after I wrote my entrance exam. I was paying less attention to classes sometimes, because I was already through with the exam. 

We were in English class when me and my friend (who also started to pay less attention to classes) realized that there were cucumber slices on the desk. So we imagined what would happen if we threw those cucumber slices to the ceiling. So we grabbed them and just threw them without suspecting that anything bad could happen. The only problem was that the slices got stuck on the ceiling. Also this was before the teacher came in, but then she entered and didn’t see the cucumbers on the ceiling. She started the class and everything was fine. Until the cucumbers started to fall down. She didn’t notice at first, but one slice of cucumber fell right next to her, and she was really angry. Luckily we managed to speak for ourselves and say that the other class had thrown them up.

Boglárka Trenovszki

Me and my friend were sitting and laughing.

Suddenly a young girl came to us and started talking, then she asked my friend, “Do you have only two teeth?” Because her teeth aren’t straight and she needed braces.

Botond Vass

The story takes place in the summer, between seventh and eighth grade. There was a kind of camping trip which was “available” for our grade and the grade above us. We weren’t able to choose a room, and we got one that could fit ten people in it. The first two days the higher grades came into our room to watch movies, have fun or anything, but eventually they got banned from there because they annoyed some guys we had to share the room with. So we had to go over to their room, and one day, while we were there, someone knocked on the door. One of the higher graders shouted out, “You are banned, you can’t come in.” Then the door opened and one of the teachers was standing there. It didn’t pass unmarked. The teacher said something that I’m not able to translate. After that, he told us he had come to open a door to air out the place, because someone had used the bathroom and left a not-so-pleasing smell.

Máté Zupkó

It happened a few years ago: my mom, my brother and I were at an adventure park or a similar place. It was our birthday present, mine and my brother’s, but our mom was more excited and happier when she saw a quite famous Hungarian actor who was there to have fun, I guess. She really liked him, and she would have liked to take a photo of him, but I think she didn’t want to bother him or she didn’t have enough courage to ask him. She wanted a photo at all costs. She even tried to take a photo of us while the actor was in the background. On that day we changed roles: my mother became a child (for a moment) and I was a parent, myself. It was a bit awkward, I must say, because my mom did it so noticeably that it was visible to the actor. But young and old people do these things because they’re human. By the way, we had great fun, and it was a nice experience.

Zsófia Vona

A few weeks ago, me and one of my friends had a sleepover. We were talking about the songs that our friends listen to but we don’t. I tried to show her a song, but I did not know the name of the performer, so I tried to describe it. Somehow, she understood what I was talking about and she told me the name of the band, or at least something like that. I didn’t even realize that she said something wrong because I understood what I wanted to hear. A few seconds later I looked at her and asked what she had said, and she repeated that wrong name again. It was “chromosome,” but the band is called Carson Coma. I knew that I had heard “chromosome” somewhere, and then I figured out that it’s a biological concept. We laughed a lot because of this misunderstanding.