Tamás Takács

– So how was your day?

– It was a peaceful day with tons of sunlight when it suddenly started raining. The rain just poured and poured all day with seemingly no end. The rain came down fast and hard like the blade of a guillotine cutting off a thief’s head. The way a bullet, once fired, penetrates the chest of an unsuspecting person. Its weird how rain can give life but also take it away. To a dehydrated dying animal it can bring another chance at life, but to an overflipped scarabee it can bring a slow and miserable death of the kind that humanity has been perpetrating for thousands of years. The slow death of earth and all of humanity has been caused by the growing laziness of humans and their inability to reverse or even understand what they are doing to themselves. All this joy, all the suffering, all the good and the bad, resulted in that rain. Sometimes if you concentrate hard enough, you can feel all the history behind it. So anyway, I didn’t have an umbrella and got totally soaked.