Finding Yourself

Gréta Tóth

The Milky Way is made up of many different things. Stars, planets, together with other celestial bodies, dust and naturally other strange, almost unknown particles like black holes, wormholes and dark matter. They are usually in balance with each other, but sometimes they cross each other’s path. Collisions happen between solar systems, stars and planets meet, or black holes absorb anything that comes near them, even time.

This story is about a common world, actually really similar to ours. But whenever a baby is born, a celestial body is born too. They are not independent of each other. They are the same, waiting for the moment to finally find each other and become one. They affect each other’s life and path. Let us start at the most important part of the Milky Way and humanity:  Finn Love, also known as the Supermassive Black Hole, the center of our galaxy. Love is probably the most important cementing force in humanity. His mission is to keep the balance in our Milky Way.

Our story begins with the birth of a beautiful girl, Lucy Black. She didn’t know her family at all and grew up in a foster family as an only child. Lucy did not know much about herself. Her family, the Smiths, only told her that her real family name was Black, and they chose the name Lucy because she was the “light” in their sad life after the sorrowful fact that Mrs. Smith could not have kids. Although Lucy liked them a lot she never felt any connection with them. Their life was too perfect: they were both Jupiter’s Moons and were always the same; they never argued or fought. Lucy found this pretty boring. She was an adventurous girl, got good grades, was good at sports and very outgoing, but the only thing she missed was a real best friend. She had some friends in school, but none of them was close enough.

Lucy had a life that most people wouldn’t be able to define as happy or sad.  Terrible things happened to her, yet this is what made her so strong. First of all, she did not know her parents; later in kindergarten she lost her only real family, David, who was her cousin. In elementary school she had a new friend Katy, but as they were getting closer, something horrible happened to Katy, and Lucy never saw her again. It was the same every time Lucy started to bond with someone; they just disappeared and never showed up again. At one point it completely stopped: Lucy did not talk to anyone, and eventually her life felt better. But in high school it all changed.

High school is pretty much the best or the worst part of your life, according to most people. For Lucy Black it started out as the best. She was popular, not too popular, but a lot of people wanted to be friends with her, and as time went by, she started to open up again, to let people care about her and to care about them too. She did not realize what was really happening. Sometimes she was looking for some old friends but couldn’t find them. She completely forgot about what had happened some years ago. Lucy was bothered by the fact that most people had found their real identities: giant stars, fancy moons, smaller planets, but she couldn’t find herself. She felt so different from them. Lucy was angry: because of the others who really knew themselves, because of herself not being able to find anything, because all the people she needed at that exact moment had disappeared, and mostly because of her parents. How could they have left her behind without a clue?

One pleasant Saturday morning Lucy was eating breakfast with her family. She couldn’t really decide if she was happy, but at least she was not angry anymore. The doorbell rang and she opened the door. An old-looking, short man was standing there wearing a black cloak decorated with small, colorful dots. These dots reminded Lucy of stars; she was sure she noticed the Great Bear on the left side of the cloak. The man was wise and confident; he talked slowly and made sure that Lucy understood every word he said. Lucy was surprised. She felt a connection with the old man from the moment she opened the door. The man said he was Finn Love, the Supermassive Black Hole and that he had come to talk to her about something important. He told her that he had been paying special attention to her since she was born. He told a story about Lucy’s parents who were born in two different solar systems, two families fighting with each other for decades. They fell in love and had her, but when she was born, the two solar systems collided, and a black hole was left behind: Lucy herself. From then she understood everything: all her friends and loved ones had disappeared because of her. She was ashamed of what she had done and really confused too. Lucy was a smart girl; she could sense the pressure of being one of Finn’s kind, but still handling this was beyond her. The Smiths invited Mr. Love over for lunch. While eating, Lucy felt more and more comfortable with the fact that she was a black hole, though she couldn’t stop blaming herself for all those people’s deaths.

After lunch Lucy packed a suitcase for herself. They decided it was better for her to stay at Love’s house for some time until she managed to learn all the skills to protect herself and her loved ones. Finn Love said she would be able to study together with other teenagers similar to her, and the next semester she could go back to high school and graduate with her classmates.

By the end of the summer holiday, Lucy moved back to the Smiths. She had learned a lot about herself and humanity while she was away. She exercised self-control, made new friends, and was happy after so much sadness. A year later she graduated and went to college. She still visited Finn Love every month and helped young teenagers the way Finn had helped her.