Fear of Darkness

Lili Galics

Imagine a person whose worst awe is the dark, and then replace him or her with yourself. Think about it: if you have that fear, how will you see common things around you?

For example, you are in your own room, maybe it is nice and clean, maybe it is a bit messy and untidied, but it is your familiar room. You know every single part of it, even the little “dust bunny”under the table or the laundry on your chair. Now imagine  the whole room at night. Believe me, it won’t be the same.

Obscure light enters the room from outside, the willow tree in front of your window transforms into a million-armed monster who wants only you. The congested laundry on the chair also looks like every other thing and creature except what it actually is. Now you are watching your door and telling yourself, “it is just a door, nothing special,” but your imagination starts playing with you. So what you see now is still a door, but once it starts to open, you see a person’s shadow walking by it. And you are just sitting or laying in your bed, waiting for the next morning, and hoping no one is looking at you in the dark and waiting to catch you.

If you deeply think about it you are the person who ruins every night; moreover, you do it with your own imagination. What do you think now? Your biggest fear is in your head, and you are fighting with yourself over it. Darkness isn’t a bad occurrence, until you turn into it.