A Story in the Future

Viktória Kiss

My task is to write a story that takes place in the future. I think it’s the hardest mission I have ever had, because what can I write about that maybe doesn’t exist? Do we really have a future?–because if we continue what we’re doing, I assume there is no hope. Unfortunately people are addicted to a losing game and keep destroying our world. But what is the one thing that would  really make a difference? I don’t feel like there’s one single thing. After all, I still believe that future stories are important. There are two ways I could write an article: I could tell an instructive one or keep talking about what we should do. Maybe I’ll try the first option.

We are in 2222, humans still exist, but they are different from before. They  don’t fight, and they live peacefully. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true (that’s what they have to do to live). However, people are suffering because of what we did over the centuries. The community doesn’t have much food, half of the animal species have gone extinct. People have to save a lot. That will be the year when we can finally see the clear blue sky. A weak girl is walking on the barren meadow and she sees… she is crying out of happiness. She is running to her great grandmother and hugging her. The girl doesn’t have a mother, because she died of undernourishment. Two days later she asks: Why did we have to wait such a long time? Why did they do this? Why? Please tell me! She cannot answer that.

Ten years later, nature is starting to get better; there are ”new” species. The girl is now a woman; she has children. They ask their mother: Has the world always been so beautiful? Then she says: Listen carefully! Because what i’m going to say right now is so important. Take care of the earth, because if you do not, it will be gone forever this time.

So there is no guarantee that this life is easy, but when the world is going to fall apart, then there is no light to break the dark. We should protect our planet for several reasons: It’s the only home we have, it grounds us (we all need a breath of fresh air every once in a while), it’s a living entity. If we lose or kill animals, humans, plants, they will be gone forever, and there is nothing, there is  nothing we can do that is gonna bring them back. If someone reads this in the future: Protect everything and everybody!