A Poem About Hypocrisy

Lili Forgács

You say you are environmentally friendly,
your friend is Bear Grylls on Wednesdays.
Your TV is always on Nat. Geo.,
but you’ve never left home, have you?

You say you protect the trees,
you hate erosion and things like these.
You are digitalized in a way,
but go to bookstores every day.

You say you try to save the Animalia,
you are nothing else but a vegetarian.
You always share lost pets on social media,
but a furskin coat is what’s seizing you.

You say I’m a bad friend for calling you a hypocrite,
your  actions do not harmonize with your dictates..
You’re oblivious to  your own impropriety,
and that’s the problem with the rest of society.