There’s a Book That Everyone Knows

Petra Varga

There’s a book that everyone knows… The Little Prince. Someone once said, “A characteristic of the classics is that you read them a thousand times and always find something new in them.”

I have been reading this book every year since I was six. I remember our first meeting. It was a total catharsis for me. It made me upset.  I didn’t get answers for my questions. It just ended, and I couldn’t understand that. And that’s the point where everything started. 

I just finished it for the tenth time, and I’m still thinking about it. Its meaning is constantly changing. Year by year…. The choice is in your hand to give your own answers. To think of something else behind it. To create more and more theories.  To change your worldview because of one sentence. Is’t it incredible? It transforms the way you interpret it for yourself, but it is still  a chef-d’oeuvre for anyone anytime.

It forces you to think about life more deeply.

Recently I realised that the book is still the same after this long time.  The thing that changes is not the book, but me….