The Wall

Zsófia Szabina Gávris

Have you ever wondered about a Wall? A Wall which separates humanity from living a peaceful and self-developing life?

Humanity has reached a point where other people’s lives and problems are more important than one’s own. We, humans, can no longer concentrate only on our own lives and our own business. Everybody gossips and spreads rumours about other people. Some even stalk on social media or in real life. Humans nowadays have a need to be part of others’ lives. People feel compelled to criticise and estimate others’ looks, acts and opinions. Envy, hatred, evil and malice have unfortunately replaced love, respect, support and loyalty.

The Wall I am talking about consists of the aforementioned characteristics and, sadly, many more besides. The way I see it, for some reason humans are not able to climb this wall or jump over it. To be more precise, I suppose most of the people don’t even try. Besides, for the masses it is too important to be involved in others’ lives.

It would mean a great step forward if humans focused on themselves. If people were more conscious of their own life, own business, and own problems, our world could be a much better one to live in. Self-improvement and self-development should be a priority in our society. Yet these are on the other side of The Wall.  I strongly believe that one day humans will treat each other with love, kindness and respect.

To summarise my thoughts, The Wall of society is yet to be jumped over, but with a different mentality our social culture could do this and more.