The Unexpected Holiday

Nóra Solti

It was midsummer; my family had been planning a holiday domestically for months, and now the time had come. We had planned to travel to Pécs, because three years earlier, we went there and enjoyed it, so we wanted to experience it again. We had great memories, so we thought that it would be a good idea to spend one week of our summer break there. It was a little bit suspicious that we needed to leave really early in the morning, but me and my sister were too tired to worry about these things. We had been travelling for a long time when I asked my parents where we were, and they said, almost there. A few minutes later we stopped at a gas station; while we were there, I checked our location, and we were in the middle of Slovenia. I was totally shocked, wondering why we were here and why we didn’t notice it earlier. When everybody was back in the car, I asked why we were in Slovenia. My parents said that we had come here just to take a look at Lake Bled. I believed them because it made sense. Hours went by, and I checked our location again and realized that we were in Italy. I asked them again, and they finally told us the truth: that we were going back to Amalfi after last year, because my mother had fallen in love with that place. We booked a room in a smaller city, and then my sister found it interesting that we were literally in the same place as our best friends. We arrived at a campsite, and during the check-in our parents acted strange. They were too happy about things. After a long time, I suddenly looked up and saw my friends with their family in front of us. I couldn’t believe it, so my mouth stayed open. I was also a little bit sad, because we needed to leave the next day and go back to Pécs, to our original destination. After the confusing emotions, the adults explained everything to us: that we had gone there for one week and only to Italy. I was on cloud nine when everything came together. This was the biggest surprise in my whole life. Afterward i can say that I went through the best holiday that i have ever been on, because i was with the people i love in a beautiful country at a great time.