My Work Should Be My Hobby

Márk Kovács

I sit at my desk in my room. I play one of my favorite games. This is EA FC24. I play with the idea that this is happening to me in the real football world and not in the virtual football world. For me, this game is a challenge and motivation. It encourages me to think that the dream is not virtual, but one that actually comes true.

So, when I turn on my computer, I enter a distant virtual world, far from my room, my country, Hungary. Immediately, I start work in career mode. I start negotiations with the club regarding the purchase of potential players. These are usually successful.

Then come the training sessions, the tactical discussions… Finally a match!!!! I make decisions thoughtfully and not hastily, we act and carry out our plans… GOAL!!!!!! My fingers sweat on the console from nervousness, the game time comes to an end. We pocketed this match too, we won. But it’s not over yet. My phone rings. One of my friends calls. We will continue the game together in the online space.

My favorite team is FC Bayern Munich, Germany’s most successful football team. The second largest sports association in the world. Their motto: ‘Mia san mia’ = Wir sind wir = We are who we are.The club’s home facility is the famous Allianz Arena.

I was lucky enough to visit a stadium at home in the Groupama Arena. It is currently one of the most modern sports facilities in Europe. It is the home of the Fradi football club. The club’s motto is: ‘Morality, Strength, Understanding’. I stood in the middle of the stadium and the empty stands looked at me. I believe that everyone should experience the special atmosphere of such a place. To develop what I am good at. To get the most out of myself. Speed, accuracy and precision are important. Study what I believe in, what I love. My work should be my hobby. Let this be the path to the goal, to success.