Human Labyrinth

Lídia Borbála Szabó

The heart of a human might be the most interesting and twisted thing we could ever encounter.

It has no map that could help us through the labyrinth of emotions that in one corner embraces us in a hug and in another attacks us with its claws. These feelings that we meet along the way could invite us in with a smile and a tap on the shoulder or could make our sturdiness and confidence evaporate. Most of us are scared to even enter our own labyrinth, let alone set a foot in someone else’s. And yet, in order to get a closer look at someone we love, we have to understand the root of their emotions.

The fascinating part is that there are people who find their way through this maze with their eyes closed. They know exactly what to do or say to force a door open. They waltz through the complexity as if it were nothing. For them, a human heart is just a straight labyrinth, almost too easy to solve. Between two chuckles, they solve riddles that others have to work on for years.

I’m not one of these people, but some part of me appreciates that. Even though it is hard to sometimes have no clue of what I feel or what I make others feel about me, this mystery is nothing but entertainment.