Borderless Walls

Naz Arpacı

I haven’t heard the phrase ‘safe and sound’ in a long time; things are slowly getting worse as time goes on. As the problems boost, walls begin to rise up, not only between people but also between countries. Demanding power, people have changed our world to a brutal battlefield where some must be downtrodden and exploited. 

Living in different countries was my milestone; I was able to see Europe and the Middle East through distinct eyes and viewpoints. Realizing the culture conflict, the hatred, the misunderstandings, and much more with my entire being, I learned to ask myself the right questions: what was missing from this world, what caused all this conflict and all this hate? The answer to those reflections was ‘the wall’; walls were the real barrier between souls. People need to understand and acknowledge that our time in this world is limited; why not live without greed, without fear, without grudge? While speaking to someone, I always think twice before saying anything, to filter my thoughts. People who ‘fire from the hip’ cause the walls to rise even higher day after day; I am afraid that we won’t be able to see the sky, seeing only what lies before us.    

In the past, the border walls were built for military purposes and to maintain the territory against threats; they had a concrete meaning between two countries. However, in the present, the border walls are usually built to separate two opposing ideologies (in politics, culture, economy and military), attributing an abstract meaning. Although the purposes are changing gradually over time, border walls continue to be the consequence of international relations. Hearing the word ‘wall’ on the news or anywhere else makes me uncomfortable. Slowly this discomfort turns into pessimism; whereas the walls should be shattered and bridges should be erected, I see the opposite taking place. In Joseph Fort Newton’s words, “Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.”