What Did You Find?

Lotti Tajti

Once upon the time an angler went to the market to find a good bait for fishing trout.

He was there for a long time, but after three hours of searching he found the perfect bait. It was a part of a plant; the seller said that trout really liked it. The angler thought, “I still have a lot of time, so I will go to the docks to try this new bait out.”

He sat into a boat and left the shore thirty meters behind him. He let the fish-hook into the water. He spent many hours in the boat, but he didn’t manage to entrap any fish. He pulled up the hook, and in anger he threw the bait into the water and went home.

A few months later the fish started to disappear. The anglers were upset and called the harbour controller, who looked for a few divers and told them: “Go down and alert me if you find something!”

They swam down. After a while one of them came up and said: We have found something. “What did you find?” asked the controller.

“I don’t know exactly, but it looks like a plant with two huge fishnets and in those there are hundreds of fish.”

Everybody, who heard this was shocked. A plant with huge fishnets! The diver brought up the nets with the fish; they were taken to market, and then the nets were brought back. After a period of time they were filled again.
The plant was named “trout fishing in America,” and furthermore, it is used for fishing trout.

Note from the editor: This is one of twelve pieces in the Spring 2022 issue of Folyosó that play with the concept of Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America.