The Story of the Potatoes and Fries

Lili Barta

In the past, potatoes used to be very different than they are now. These little creatures lived in Idaho, which is still famous for its potatoes. I’m saying “little creatures” because they were freely moving around in the wild with their little arms and legs. Eating potatoes was the habit of wealthy people, as it was hard to hunt them.

A very wealthy woman who lived in Idaho liked eating potatoes even more than others did. She could eat potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she was thirsty she drank potato juice, and when she was craving something sweet she had some potato cake. One day she woke up and told her chef to make her some potatoes for breakfast. The chef told her that hunters couldn’t hunt any potatoes that morning because they ran away too fast. The woman got really mad and told her hunters to find every potato in the state and cut off its legs and arms. It took the hunters five days, but they came back with all the legs and arms of the potatoes. The woman asked her chef to fry the limbs. This new type of potato became her new favourite dish, and she called them fries. From that day all potatoes lived without limbs, so it was easy to get them, and the cut-off limbs became everyone’s favourite snack.

And this is why potatoes are just irregularly shaped roots now, and that is how fries were made.