Stories by Class 9B, Section 1

Every student in the class wrote a miniature story about a funny event from real life. Then they took turns telling the stories in class (online, during one of our Google Meet sessions).

Laura Antal

When I was in primary school, me and my classmates went to the zoo with our teachers. We were having a great time. After we arrived at the lions, one of my classmates thought that we could recreate The Lion King. We thought that it would be a good idea. So we assigned the roles to a few people. My best friend was Simba and her brother was Rafiki, and we were the other animals. We recreated the Simba scene. Her brother picked her up and lifted her into the air. My other friend thought that it would be funny to make the red stripe on her forehead, so he put his finger in the ketchup and pulled it across her head. Everyone laughed, even the teachers. My best friend and her brother fell and started laughing too. It was a great day.

Péter Bacsik

We were near Balatonfüred in an apartment with the family when we were swimming outside in the pool. I did a backflip from the trampoline into the water from about two meters high.

Then my father said “That’s easy,” then he tried it and he belly-flopped…

Everybody was laughing at him and his belly was red.

After that, I made a bet with him that I could do a backflip into the water plus a 180-degree rotation while backflipping, then I did a backflop (I jumped and fell on my back).

Plus this was recorded, and every time we watch this video we laugh.

Gergő Balla

Me and my family went on a holiday in 2018. We went to Turkey. There were lots of Russian people, so it was kinda crowded. And one night one of the Russian kids started to play a game in the hotel’s game room. The game was that concentration game where, for example, ground-squirrels pop up and you have to hit them with a hammer. The kid started playing without a hammer. So he started to punch them with his own hands and started screaming “davay davay,” which means ’’let’s go let’s go let’s go,’’ and everybody started laughing.

Bence Bathó

We went to Germany in sixth grade. There were about thirteen children and five teachers. It was a beautiful trip. In one room there were three people. But we wanted to hang out with others in the evening too.

In our room there was a big cupboard behind the door. So if the teacher opened the door, she would not see what was behind it. Of course, my friends were behind the door in the evenings in our room. All evening long. The teacher always looked inside but she saw only us. After three days she started looking for my friends. She was searching for two or three hours… She was really angry and confused. 

But unfortunately we failed. A guy told everything to the teacher.

Réka Bertha

In eighth grade, we had a study circle afternoon. There is a little store near my old school, so we went there to spend some time. My old classmates bought energy drinks, and we went back to the school. We went upstairs to the library, and they drank the energy drinks. We took funny pictures of each other, and there was a picture where one of my old classmates was holding his drink. Later, our history teacher came in to speak with the teacher who was in the library that day. Our history teacher saw my friend drinking her energy drink, and she asked us if she was the only one drinking it. Our friend told her that she was the only one, and we were laughing that he lied. Then I showed the picture that showed him holding his drink, and we started laughing with the teachers.

Máté Biró

One time I was home alone, and it was around dinnertime when I decided to make myself something to eat. I opened the freezer and dug around until I found what appeared to be chicken nuggets in an unopened plastic bag that, for some reason, didn’t have any cooking instructions. Thinking that my parents must have thrown the box away, I called my mom to ask how long and at what temperature to cook chicken nuggets. She told me both of them, I laid out about twenty on a tray and stuck it in the oven, setting the timer before I walked out of the kitchen. When it was almost time to get my chicken nuggets, I walked into a cinnamon-scented kitchen. I searched all over that kitchen, trying to find the cinnamon scent, which led me to the oven. I decided to turn on the oven light to see if maybe my mom had stuck some cookies in the oven and forgot to bake them, but instead, I found that the tray my chicken nuggets were on had cookies on it instead! As I was trying to process what had just happened, I heard the front door open and my mom shout delightedly, “Ooooo, what’s that smell?” She walked into the kitchen and caught my confused expression. That’s when the spark ignited and she realized exactly what had happened. Somehow in some form, I had accidentally baked cinnamon biscuits.

Zselyke Bognár

This happened a long time ago. My mom, my sister and I were at the mall. There are usually small stands in the middle of the malls, where you can buy all kinds of jewelry, bags and other things. My mom saw something, so of course I had to go there to see it. She told me not to touch anything, because I would break something in the end…. She saw a hairband, and when she was reaching out with her hand, she pushed the whole ring holder down with her elbow. The stones fell out of some of them, so we had to pay for about six rings. At that moment it was a little bit embarrassing, but in retrospect it is funny that my mom told me not to touch anything, but in the end we had to pay because of her.   

Bettina Czékus

Back in 2017, when I turned twelve, I experienced something horrible. If I think back on it now it was funny, but I felt really unlucky then. I celebrated my birthday with my parents. Firstly we had lunch together in a restaurant and went to the cinema. It was an amazingly great day, the weather was warm, and I had such a lovely time. Until we decided to get ice cream. Obviously I didn’t mind the ice cream part, but an accident happened on our way there. We were walking under trees, where pigeons were sitting, when I felt some things falling on me. Those flying things had just disrespected my favourite coat in four directions. However, Hungarians believe that if a bird lets its unnecessary nutrients fall on people, they are lucky. I need not say that I did not feel lucky after this little accident.

Virág Dénes

This winter, when we had that big snow day (February 12), me and my friend decided to go sledding because there was so much snow. We live on the same street, and it was a Friday, so right after our classes we could go. We live about one kilometer away from the dam at Szandaszőlős.

Anyways,we got there and we started sledding. After twenty minutes I decided to call my cousin because they live there and I wanted to borrow their sled. She gave it to me so it was all good, until we decided to slide together on one sled. I was in front and she was behind me. I’m not really sure what we did, but we fell off the sled, especially me. I really hurt my thighs and I did not find it that funny back then, but now looking back (with no purple or green or black spot) it is a bit funny for me. And at the same time we found a big box near the Tisza but we had no idea what was in it. So we went back home after two hours, and it was an awesome and really funny little trip.

Liliána Erdei

Around two months ago when I met with my friends, two of them came with bikes; they came together because they live in the same neighbourhood. So we didn’t know what was happening on the road when they came, we just knew that they were thirty minutes late. It was snowing that day, and the roads were slippery. So we thought there was something wrong. We couldn’t see them, we just heard someone screaming and arguing and we recognized his voice because he was a boy but had a girly scream. When we could see them, everyone started to laugh. Because they came with one bike, one of them was sitting on the handlebar and the other one tried to steer the bike, but he could barely see anything. They fell more than once while they were trying to get to us. It was really funny. They were not injured so much, and after that they laughed at themselves too.

Vivien Fedor

When I was seven years old, me and my family travelled to Italy for the summer holiday. I really enjoyed our holiday. I loved the city, the food and the beautiful beach. The only problem was that I couldn’t speak English, so sometimes I felt a little bit left out. However, my older sister already knew English very well, even better than our parents, so she handled everything. It’s no surprise that I was jealous of her.

That is why, when my father wanted to ask my sister to ask the receptionist for the wifi password, I volunteered. I wanted to show my parents that I could do that too, so I went down to the hall instead of my sister. My task was simple, I had to go to the receptionist’s table and say “wifi please.”

I stepped out of the hotel room, went down the stairs to the receptionist’s table, said it and proudly waited for the password. But then a longer answer came which I didn’t understand. I panicked and ran up the stairs without saying anything. So I arrived back at our room without the password, only with a shameful memory.

Zsófia Fehérvári

When I was eight years old, my sister, mother, and I were waiting in a long line at the Pronto Pizzeria. The entire time I was waiting, I was mentally rehearsing what my order would be. “One slice of cheese pizza with corn please,” my mind was repeatedly screaming at me. When we got up to the cashier to pay, I got distracted by his cuteness, so instead of asking for the pizza, I confidently said “one popcorn please,” which Pronto Pizzeria has none of. Once I realized my mistake, I screamed “Nooooo” loud enough for 20-30 people to start looking at me. Embarrassed, I ran away, and my mom and sister had to bring me the slice of pizza. To this day, I beg people to order for me when anyone remotely attractive is working the cash register.

Janka Gulyás

My best friend slept over at my house, and after we woke up we went to the living room and watched TV. My father had just arrived home from the shop, and he kissed my best friend’s cheek and stroked my head because he thought that my best friend was me and I was my best friend. He confused us with this. At the time we were very similar from behind; the colours and lengths of our hair were almost the same. And we had our backs to my father, and this is why he got us mixed up.

Tamás Harcsa

Last summer I was at the train station waiting for the train to take me home (to Szajol). When it arrived, I got on the train and it started. I just closed my eyes for a minute (I thought), but when I opened them, the train had passed Szajol. I was a little embarrassed because usually I don’t travel by train. I got off at Törökszentmiklós. I checked when the next train came, and I waited an hour for it.

For me it was so embarrassing, but when I told my parents what had happened, they laughed at me.

Ádám Juhász

A strange but kind of funny thing happened to me and my elementary class two years ago. We were sitting in a boring grammar lesson when we heard someone shout. It wasn’t clear at first who was shouting and what the occasion was. All we heard was the shouting growing clearer.

After a few seconds we could hear the shouts clearly, and the toilet room next to us was closed shut with a big force. The class burst out laughing as we heard the situation unfold. The sentence that the child was repeating was simple. “I really have to poo!”

Fanni Kepenyes

Two years ago, in January, we were on a ski trip in Austria. It was already afternoon and we were getting a bit bored, so we came up with very weird things. One of these was “snow flu,” which meant we tried to talk only using expressions related to snowy weather. It was very absurd, and we came up with really weird sentences.

One of these that I still remember was when we got separated for a few minutes because parts of the main slope have alternate paths. I went down one of these while my cousin took the other one. It was a really short part of the slope, so we were together one or two minutes later. She said: “Fanni, hol a hóba voltál? Már azt hittem hót egyedül havazatok tovább.”

We had a good laugh at that time. Looking back, it looks more weird than funny, but we had a great time and we occasionally try to do this again when we are bored.