Running Late

Ilona Králik

It was December. Not long ago, Julie had got into the university of her dreams, and now the first semester has almost already ended. She only had two days left before her Latin exam. The subject she was most scared of. Julie was in law school; she actually enjoyed every part of it except the Latin. That is the reason she did not go to her original, actual exam the day before. She got so scared in the morning she could not get out of bed. Thankfully it was possible to take an exam with the other group of students.

Julie was scared she would fail her exam. She always passed every subject with high scores. Even thinking about failing made her feel strange. After thinking and crying for hours she told herself that she would do it. It wasn’t as though she had any other choices if she wished to achieve her life goal. Julie spent the next two days in her room reading her Latin books. Her parents started to get worried about her; she did not want to leave her room, not even for half an hour. Her mother brought her some food, since she did not want to eat at the dinner table with her parents and younger brother, Alex. After her mother almost forced Julie to eat something she put down the book and ate a sandwich. While eating, she told her how scared she was of losing her scholarship. Julie was clever and was like best friends with her mother, who told her everything. She knew that they would not be able to afford a school like that without the scholarship.

The day of the exam arrived. Julie woke up at 6:30 a.m. The exam started at 9, which meant that she had to arrive at 8:30. To be there on time she would have to take the 7:50 bus. She and her family lived in a small town near the city. Everyone enjoyed living there. It was quiet, everybody was nice and friendly with each other, and it was only a 25-minute bus ride from the city center. The only problem was that there was only one bus leaving every hour.

Julie locked the doors because she was the last one leaving the house, then started heading towards the bus stop, since it was already almost 7:40. She was listening to music, trying to distract herself. She was almost at the bus stop when she saw something moving, a small brown puppy. The dog had shiny fur and looked healthy and well taken care of. It was pretty obvious it had an owner. The fact that it had got lost and had no idea where it was, was also completely certain. Julie was neutral when it came to animals. I would not say she did not like them, but she never really cared about them either. She felt sorry for the puppy, but she kept walking; it was already 7:45. The little dog barked after her. Julie looked back and saw that one of dog’s legs was really bloody. The puppy looked at her with its big eyes. Julie did not know what to do; her parents were at work and her brother was on his way to school. She had to be at the bus stop in a couple minutes. She walked away and got to the end of the street. She kept looking back at the puppy, which did not take its eyes off of her. Julie turned around and ran back to the dog and took it home. When her mother arrived home, they went to the vet with the puppy. After a small surgery, it was healthy and happy again. It turned out its owner had died, and that is why it had run away; there was no one taking care of it. Julie and her family adopted the dog and named it Roxy.

In the end everything turned out okay. Julie did not lose her scholarship, and she will have to take the exam in the next exam season. She also found her best friend that day, Roxy.