Ran out of Friends

Alexandra Klaudia Süveges

Max grew up as an only child. His family was average with loving parents; however, he didn’t have any friends, and got bullied all his life. It was the last year of primary school, and he was to choose a high school to continue studying. His only dream was to be an athlete. Sadly, he wasn’t in the best physical condition, but he never gave up. That’s why he applied to an elite sports school. He wasn’t the only one; the best athlete in the whole school had this in mind too.

After school, Max was approached by a tall, blond, spiky-haired guy, his classmate Cason.

“Listen, Max, I don’t get why you’re trying so hard to get in my way, but let me tell you. If you still try to apply to myschool, you will regret it so badly… A weakling like you never can make it.” Sadly, Max almost got his legs broken, but he still applied to that school.

Four years passed with sweat, hard training and bullying again, but their last race was about to begin. The atmosphere was intense between the two of them as they walked to the starting line.

“1…2…3… GO!” They sprinted nearly faster than the speed of sound. They both know this race’s results would define everything: who had grown to be better than the other one. Who was more worthy of being called the best. Suddenly Max got in front of Cason; his eyes sparkled, knowing he could maintain the tempo and that this could lead to a life-changing victory. He was so overwhelmed, this could have meant the most progress in his life, but something crossed his plans. So tiny, useless but deadlyA simple rock. He stumbled upon a rock. Lying on the ground, he saw Cason pass him easily, the last chance of victory gone. Max started hitting the ground as tears were forming on his face, facing the dirt on the ground. 

“Hey idiot, take this!” Cason said, holding out his hand. Was this a trap? What if he wanted to slap him in the face? Could he get help from him after all these years?

“I’m gonna drag you if ya won’t take my hand right now!” So this was not a trap? 

Max reached out and stood up, quickly snapping out of it.

“Why?! Why wouldn’t you leave me behind?!”  Max was shouting at him, it didn’t seem to bother Cason though.

“You thought I wouldn’t play fair? You being able to outrun me… but losing because of a rock… it wouldn’t have been fun to call myself a winner after all.

“I don’t think you can continue the race with this knee… I would feel like a monster if I left you here lying….” He backed down and put Max’s hand to his shoulder, helping him walk.

“You know, after all these years we’ve spent together, seeing you surpass me… it’s incredible. In these twelve years we have grown up together, but recently I saw something different about you.” He sighed as they walked towards the end line.

“What do you mean? I don’t even get why you are helping me now! Leave me behind!” Max freed himself from his helping hand, nearly falling.

“I am talking about how a pathetic loser like you grew up. You know I was trained to be the running champion, I was sent out from morning until dawn to run! I would’ve had to achieve my parents’ dream for them! And when you said you would apply to this school, with such a  weak body, goals, and strength… I got so angry… I was said to be a born talent, but you? You couldn’t even run two kilometers without shoving your back to the ground, but everybody was fine with it. The teachers loved your progress even though it was nonexistent! And on our first race…” Max looked up at Casin, failing to stop the tears in his eyes.


“I am sorry… for… your childhood…” He walked closer to Cason.

“Childhood? Do you know what will I get now, if I cross the line as the second?” Max stepped closer and grabbed him.

They passed the finish line together. Neither one could be a winner, or a loser either.

“You know, I am deeply sorry for how I’ve treated you throughout your entire life, Max.”

Wow, so people can change, huh?”