Michael the Caterpillar

Tamás Takács

Once upon a  time there lived a small caterpillar named Michael. Michael was a caterpillar like the rest; he wasn’t special, or so he thought. He spent all day eating leaves like any other caterpillar would. He was very social and liked to talk with other caterpillars a lot. They spent their days eating leaves and talking without a care in the world but knowing this would all come to an end one day. When that day came, they were a bit sad but excited at the same time. They promised each other they would meet up after the transformation ended. So they all went into their cocoons and went to sleep. When Michael woke up, he felt a bit strange. He thought it must be the transformation and he just needed to get used to the new body. What was weird was that the leaves looked much smaller, and when he took a step, the ground shook beneath him. He was confused and didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden he got the urge to throw up. But when he did, it wasn’t what he thought it would be. He started spitting fire. That moment he realised that he wasn’t a butterfly; he had somehow transformed into a dragon. He didn’t know how or why and was very confused for a while. He decided that he would find out why this had happened and try to turn it back. He also wanted to find his friends in the process. He is said to be still looking for the reason till this day, but no one knows for certain what happened to him.