Last Summer

Ilona Králik

Last summer on a hot Sunday big things happened. That Sunday seemed to be just an ordinary day. Emily was talking to her friends on her phone. They all agreed to meet in the park later that day. After the call ended, Emily watched a movie and then started getting ready for the meeting with her friends. She was thinking of taking her dog, since he loved going on walks with her.

She went outside to put the leash on her dog, since she had decided to bring him along. When she stepped outside she saw three younger boys trying to hurt the dog; they were throwing small stones in his direction. She started shouting. When the boys saw and heard her, they ran away. Emily was very disappointed and sad; she could not believe that someone would do something like that. She took the dog inside her room and called her friends to tell them that she would not be going to the park. She lay down on her bed; the dog lay next to her. She wanted to take a nap but could not stop thinking about what had happened.

She was thinking so much about it that she realised that what happened to her dog could happen to any other animal; moreover, maybe those animals were not as lucky as her dog, and no one would be there to help them. She decided that she could not let that happen. She loved animals and wanted to help them in any way she could. She was thinking for hours and hours until she fell asleep.

After she woke up from her nap, she called her friends, since earlier she had not given a reason for deciding to stay home. After her friends heard what had happened to her dog, they said that she just overreacted to things. Then Emily told them that maybe other animals were not as lucky and someone could actually hurt them. Her friends laughed at her and said that she was way too dramatic. After the phone call, Emily was disappointed and mad at the same time. She was so mad that she could not do anything other than go to sleep. So she lay next to her dog and fell asleep.

On Monday, the next day, when Emily awoke, she decided that she would help animals and would not care what anyone thought about it, not even her friends. She started searching for animal protection clubs, and when she found the perfect one for her, she joined it.

In that club she made new friends, people who thought in the same way she did. She realised that this was the best decision she had ever made.