An Easier Way?

Laura Móra

Reed Hay is a nineteen-year-old boy who got accepted into college. He plays professional basketball and is really good at it; he is talented and hardworking. He is not just exceptional on the court, he also has a beautiful loving soul, his friends and family are the most important to him, and he will do anything for them.

He is used to being the best player on the court, and when he first met his new team, he had to accept this was not the case anymore. The court was full of Reed Hays, all determined, gifted people. Reed always had a special connection with all of his coaches, they were all happy and felt lucky that Reed was playing in their team, but now it wasn’t like that. The coach wasn’t impressed by any of his highschool wins. Reed was determined to show him what he could do, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. They already had a hectic schedule, they trained from 7 to 11 a.m., and they did not rest much during the day either. He decided to train more, so now he got up in the morning at 5 for this purpose. In the gym he had a talk with his coach; he told him he would do anything to show him that he deserves to be chosen for the team that will compete in the next game, and that he would train twice as hard as the others. The first time, the coach smiled at him and said he couldn’t wait to see what he could achieve.  The days passed, and it was finally the day when they announced the team. Reed’s name was not mentioned, and he was devastated, he didn’t know what to do, he wanted to quit. After talking to his friend who suggested meditating, he gave it a try. His mind calmed down and now he could really think about what to do. He had an important choice to make: either stay here or go to another university where they would be happy that he was there and his ego would be boosted. At the other university it would be so much easier, the training would be shorter and he could do it effortlessly, which might be the dream for most people, but not for Reed Hay.

He decided and it was a big decision, but not the most important one. The important decision is what he makes every single day, that he wakes at 5 am to train, that he gives his maximum effort to everything he is doing, every single hour he makes the decision to be great, and that is why he is the best basketball player in the world. Not because he didn’t transfer to other universities, but because he makes every single moment count.